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  1. I am attending Memorial Baptist Church in Ocala Florida.. Pastor Michael West..


    I was a member of Wolverine Baptist Church in Wolverine, as you know. I know who you are now....

    1. Pastor Scott Markle

      Pastor Scott Markle

      Sister Rosie,

      I must apologize. I do not yet recognize exactly who you are. Therefore, I did not know that you were a member of Wolverine Baptist Church in Wolverine, MI until you specified it. (Although now after thinking about it, I believe that you were the one who posted concerning Brother Theaker's passing; and I should have remembered that earlier.)  Wolverine Baptist was always a Biblically faithful church under Brother Theaker.  How is the church doing now, if you know?

      By the way, to confirm your recognition of who I am -- I am the son-in-law of Bud and Sharon Jolly, married to their daughter Kerry.

    2. Rosie


      yes I know who you are.. i didn't at first.. are your parents still in the Wolverine Area?.. Pastor Theaker was a very godly man and he is missed alot, this month will be a year since he died. Mark Chartier is the Pastor now.. he is from Don Greens church in Lansing.. Jim Green is pastoring it now.  yes I am the one who posted that Pastor Theaker passed away.

  2. Jordan, please forgive me for contacting you privately but trust me this is legitimate... Many years ago, maybe 30.. a man and his wife came to the church I was a member of and were headed to mission fields. God did not call him into the ministry. He volunteered, the Lord used him and his wife in many foreign countries before his decease... You have been on my mind as I see your burden for the Lost and the Lord.. 

    Just a thought


    1. Jordan Kurecki

      Jordan Kurecki

      I am a little confused about this. Could you please elaborate more and explain more what exactly you are trying to say.

    2. Rosie


      Forgive me for not making myself more clear..I get the impression by your posts that you want to do something for the Lord. Like go to Uganda as a missionary.. God will accept volunteers if you don't feel called to go you could volunteer for His service...

  3. Happy 29th Birthday..lol

    May it be a blessed one










    1. HappyChristian


      Heheh - thanks, Rosie. If only, right? :lol:

      My hubby has a birthday the day before mine, so we get to double celebrate. Today has already started out a blessing (I woke up, right? :clap:) and promises to continue that way. God is good.

    2. Rosie
  4. Happy Birthday// May God bless you in a special way



  5. what nice things you said. that really blessed my heart. May God bless you for it... I bet we are miles apart and it would be impossible for us to pray together..... 

  6. Rosie

    Thank you Alan for checking on Memorial Baptist Church, yes it is a godly church and I am proud to be a member of it.... 

    May God bless you and sister Sherry

  7. Rosie

    Alan I need the address to your churches wen site again please, also did you get my request for your Revelation study?



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    2. Rosie


      I got it yesterday, thank you so much.. do you get the Sword of the Lord?.. if not I'd like to get it for you and Sherry...

    3. Alan




      I am happy that you received the Revelation Study. It is my hope that it is a blessing to you.

      Thank you for your offer to subscribe for us to the Sword of the Lord. We already subscribe to the Sword of the Lord and also to "O Timothy."

      Hope all is well with you. Both Sherry and I are doing fine.

      Alan and the Mrs.


    4. Rosie


      I am enjoying the study. All is well here and glad it is with you two as well.....I've never heard of O Timothy. I will check it out.



  8. Rosie

    i haven't heard anything for you in awhile but then again I haven't said much either since Pastor Theaker passed away... I have recent;y transferred my membership to a church in Florida... Bev Theaker has moved out of the parsonage and is leaving right after Thanksgiving to Florida... 

    praying daily for you two. How are things going?




    1. Alan


      Sherry and I are doing fine, the church is growing, and our relationship with the Lord is good.

      We do hope that you are doing well and that your mmove to Florida and the new church has gone well. Thank you for letting us know about Bev Theaker going to Florida also.

      I am not posting much on OnLine Baptist and will not be even signing in on OnLine Baptist much more. The current issue with SFIC is making me sick. I am tired of having people pervert the words of the Lord Jesus in the scriptures.

      We do enjoy your messages very much and enjoy hearing from you.

      In Christ,

      Alan and Sherry


    2. Rosie


      I am hearing complaints about O B and am sorry to hear them.. I pray the owner and admins clean it up soon.....I am happy to hear you two are doing well... I have lived here for two years but continued to support the Theakers as the need was great..



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