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  1. Alan


    Hello! Are you thinking of Herschel & Juanita Case that are now with Bearing Precious Seed and in Pope, OH? Bro. & Sister Case were missionaries to Australia until Mrs. Case had health problems. I believe we met a long time ago at a Missions Conference. But, it has been so long that I cannot remember much.

    Hope you are doing well. Sherry and I are fine and pretty busy. Rebecca started a new Ladies Bible class at a city called 'Shou Feng.' It is her second Ladies Bible class in that city.


    Alan & Sherry

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    2. Alan


      Thank you for posting the obituary for Brother Hershel. Brother Hershal was a willing servant of God. His joy in the presence of the Saviour as we speak is boundless.

    3. Rosie


      yes he was he was a marvelous man

    4. Standing Firm In Christ
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