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  1. When I just went into this site part of it was in a foreign language. Why is that
  2. wow what a wonderful trip. You are not far from me
  3. Have you encountered snow... where In Florida are you going..have a safe trip
  4. Wow what an experience...you must be getting torrential rain....let the knockers mock and don't let them know that it bothers you or they will do it all the more. Silly people
  5. Yes if only they would see the error of their way before that
  6. Ban Omega because he is a bad boy.. so sad
  7. Yes I can relate. same here...when people reject Christ they have no idea real and eternal hell is now will they listen
  8. yes and my heart goes out to them. Dear God please draw them to You and save them
  9. Ban Omega because that is so far fetched
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