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    Hello From Ireland

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    Looking For Encouragement

    Haha @ heartstrings, my family and I are from Texas. Though we've lived in Illinois for about 23 years now, our southern lingo never really left. Woolysheep, funny you say that! I've been "teaching" my family how to say some things in an Aussie accent. Like, 'Raise Up Lights' you just razer blades lol. Then 'Good Eye Might' that would be G'Day Mate!
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    Looking For Encouragement

    Thank y'all for the warm welcome!
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    Looking For Encouragement

    My name is Katie. Wanted to find a place where I could talk to fellow believers. People I could find encouragement in, and I could also be encouragement to them as well. I come from a small church where my dad is the Pastor. It's a great church with great people, but I think it’s easier (for me anyway lol) to talk to people I don’t know about prOBlems I’m facing, or the struggles I’m going through. Don’t have a lot of close Christian friends. So, I'm seeking that fellowship.