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  1. To be honest, there are no Bible verses that talk specifically about a mohawk and all the verses speak on modesty have been brought up in previous pages on this forum. While I do agree that Scriptural relevance is important the statements I was rebutting use Scripture that is not specific towards this topic but used as the opinions of those men have attempted to make it relevant to this topic. In my area, a mohawk (especially a low mohawk or fauxhawk) is considered modest. I do not consider it modest in Iowa. Why? There are differences on what is perceived as modest in that area, especially in the church. I feel this argument is similar to such:
  2. I agree. I think you have hit the nail on the proverbial haircutted head. The Bible gives basic guidelines for modesty, yes. My concern is that there are no very 'specific' verses that pertain to such other than modesty. Modesty is defined in the Bible, yes. Sometimes, it feels as though many hyper conservative fundies are adding something that parallels what they think the Scripture states and take this 'man made' definition of what is acceptable as serious as Scripture itself or quoting it as Scriptural. Everyone has their own decisions, likes, dislikes, preferences, etc in everything in this world. We have our favorite Bible verses, our favorite friends, our favorite topics. Those are also held to a standard that need to be monitored and compared to Scriptural truth. The same applies to fashion and hairstyles. It's not what a man deems as right and acceptable or wrong and blasphemous but what that person, through their own personal study of Scripture, to be glorifying to God. One of my favorite books is called "Tortured Texts" and it shows how easily we accept 'sayings' or 'phrasings' for truth. While they might come from what a person feels is a good place does not make it from God.
  3. Wrong, troops wore it as Airborne because most were generally special forces. Some are required to have different haircuts not synonymous with the military in case they are captured by an enemy they could deny their involvement in the conflict or action.
  4. I have to commend you. Thank you for being grounded in your beliefs and being willing to understand that others may not feel the same as you, without making a big deal of it. Your comments made me smile and I appreciate your stance
  5. Oy, i need to comment on this thread. To those who have stated that a child should only have a high and tight haircut I would like to clarify one thing to you. A high and tight is a military haircut. Men with these haircuts have killed more people in the last 100 years than we have accounted for in all other history. It was originated by the U.S. military during the American Revolution and more formally the Indian wars. Technology had not advanced enough to allow for haircuts constantly and people didn't seem to care until they were being scalped. This new haircut made it very difficult for Native Americans to scalp people while they were still alive. As time progressed the U.S. military adopted this hairstyle originating from that purpose. Armies all over the world have adopted adaptations of this very haircut for their own military. Most notable, the Nazi party. Now, I must disagree with about 90% of you who have posted. I do not believe that a Mohawk is inherently a sin. I do, however, believe that judging a person based only on their haircut and not what is in their heart, what they say, and their testimony is a sin. We are warned against these types of judgement throughout all scripture and even Christ dealt with them. "Who is that?" "He says he's the son of God." "Well, he doesn't look like the Son of God! He MUST be blasphemous." "But he knows more about the laws than you." "Well then, lets shut him up quickly!" We, as Christians, are called to be held to a higher standard but we lower ourselves by this constant judgement that really only does one thing... it removed us for the real purpose we are in this world. To Glorify God and spread Scripture. If we want to get into how a fashion statement is going to hurt us as Christians I think that it should start with you first. Those plaid shirts, button up shirts, ties, suits, blouses, boots, jean skirts, stockings, bras, boxers, etc... Those would all have been considered heresy to the pharisees. We are adorning ourselves with patters, colors, excess, etc. Before you comment on the splinter make sure you don't have a log. Don't judge people by tattoos, piercings, clothes, or haircuts before hearing their words, speaking to their heart, and listening to their testimony. While I don't see an issue with tattoos, piercings, or haircuts I do believe that modesty is important with Christian lifestyle. Having a tattoo of a naked girl on our forearm seems to very easily be a stumbling block. Lets also consider that that Christian with a naked girl tattoo found Christ after having fallen into depression in his 30's 40's 50's etc. That tattoo, while immodest, is now part of his testimony and you just ignored that person based on their looks being too 'worldly.' This is the biggest hypocrisy I see in today's fundamental churches and one that i take very seriously. Now, to the parents of the child. This is your decision. This is not the child's decision and if your child doesn't agree with you than sparing the rod may not be an option but this is a young child who wants something he likes. I do not see an issue with it but you may see an issue with it. 100 years ago marrying someone you loved instead of who your parent's decided was right for you was considered a sin and now we think it's crazy to be any other way. Don't think that because the child wants something it isn't okay for them but don't think it is either. Let me ask this. What do you feel about this hairstyle? Have you actually sat down, read Scripture, and prayed about what you felt was the best outcome for this situation? If you feel that your child needs to grow up more before making that decision than that is great! Let the child make the decision when YOU feel they are mature enough and spiritual enough to do so. If the child is diabetic and wants a candycane do you allow it? No, because the child would not be mature enough to understand why not. Do not, and i repeat, do not make a decision because of what people tell you is right and people tell you is wrong. There is only one thing that can tell you what is right and what is wrong and that is God. If God decides to speak through the voice of a pastor, a friend, a relative, etc then listen but TEST THE SPIRITS and make sure that it is from God and not a Christian who can not come to terms with the fact that we are human. If you make a mistake and change your mind later, so what? We are all sinners and we make unknowing mistakes. That's one of the best things about being a Christian. Even when we try our hardest we still make mistakes and sin unknowingly because we are not perfect but God is so merciful that those don't matter. What matters is our life, our actions, our testimony, and our salvation. So, all that said.... To the people who are saying this haircut is a stumbling block to them I say to you: You are a stumbling block to me for making a haircut a bigger issue than it needs to be. I can forgive that but it's my duty as your brother to let you know that your actions are hurting me and I know I would not be the only one. I always felt that when Paul was writing to the different churches the ones who did not nitpick the small things he seemed to call the 'strong' churches. Those who nitpicked the small things, went to court, had prOBlems seemed to be the churches who were weak. These issues were not of the world but their own issues that they forced onto everyone else. Those who focused on God, were not luke-warm, ministered, reprimanded outrageous sins, and forgave those who repented were the strong church and that is the example I am willing to follow. Looking at these comments; I'm happy I'm not a member of many of the churches you attend. Let that sink in.

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