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  1. Me and this guy just 'clicked' many years ago, and its been a good friendship ever since. I didn't even know he was a religious type until he started talking about it and trying to 'evangelize' me. After all, that is your jOB right, to grow your numbers to bring legitimacy to your cause? I was fine with that, I used to go to church a long time ago and if he wanted to talk about jesus every now and then that was fine with me. I've always told him that I don't believe in anything at the moment, but respected him as a friend to listen and go to church once in a blue moon just to meet him half way. And after many years, I've even given jesus a chance just to see if hes on to something.The prOBlem is that he doesn't meet you half way on anything. I can understand not believing in tolerating drunks, sure some of them are out of hand, but really if I have (1) and only 1 alcoholic beverage and he has one with me are we really going to burn in hell? Jesus drank alcoholic beverages!!! He sure seems to think so as I've never had a drink with my best friend. We used to play pool every now and then, and I would have a few, but it stopped after about a year because maybe he thought he was hanging out with the devil or something...I have no clue. All I know is that he doesn't want to play pool now at that place that we always went to. Im inviting him to an event at a casino, that has absolutely no dealings with the table games and drinking and is unrelated. "Nope I don't live the casino life", apparently he thinks hes going to burn in hell if he enters casino property. It would really mean the world if he would come with me, but nope wont even meet me half way and I don't even consider that half way but hey 5% is a start! I'd go without a drink for a whole year if he only had but one with me, but I guess im dreaming if a fully indoctrinated from birth to current day adult Baptist is going to look outside of their extremely small box. I still love the man as a friend, but just wow I do not understand this guy at all!