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  1. How are your goats? How about some more pictures of your goats? No wonder this site is dead.
  2. I think it was pretty obvious that it was sarcastic. If you didn't specialize in insanity, you would have caught that. The warning signs of Hitler's intentions and the danger he would bring were clear, and God is sending clear warning signs today to a nation that has turned it's back on God. I was being sarcastic toward people who basically say "ignore all the signs, there is no such thing as a warning sign from God, live by faith and not by looking at the signs". I think all the debate about Schmemita and Fajita is just confusion promoted by devils to keep God's people from uniting in service for the gospel to bring a movement of deep repentance and Holy Ghost filled revival, the only thing that can turn back the judgment that is coming against America and the chaos that will increase in the world when America falls. I think it's more than obvious that we are very near to the end of the age when the trumpet of the Lord will sound and the dead in Christ shall rise first, then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air.... Now I'm seeing that most people who do nothing but reject all warning signs are people with weird ideas about the resurrection and the rapture. It explains a lot of the confusion and the refusal of people to acknowledge the obvious hand of God in recent historical events that are so obviously God's warning you have to be blind not to see it. Now I realize why people only want to trash Cahn, who I really don't care about, but they refuse to look at the obvious facts which cannot be denied, and the handwriting of God on the wall in those facts. The guy who was trying to tell people at my church that our Pastor was wrong for not preaching that we should be stockpiling and preparing for battle also believe that we are in the tribulation and the resurrection started or was completed or is continuing from 2000 yrs ago....weird stuff that is not based in reality or the Bible. I didn't realize this thread would be a circus for so many people with messed up and unbiblical beliefs or I would have stayed out of it.
  3. why don't you read the OP and offer some adult discussion on the topic?
  4. Israel is still the apple of God's eye. Jerusalem is still the holy city of God, and Jesus Christ will rule the world from Mt. Zion, the names of the twelve elders of the tribes of Israel hold equal place with the names of the twelve apostles in Revelation. You are teaching Christian anti-Semitism and it's evil. Christians should always be on the side of Israel. Any nation that is against Israel is against God. Any Christian who does not support Israel and the Jews is invoking God's punishment on themselves. If the Jews are not right with God, God will deal with them. Any nation that mistreats Israel and/or the Jews will be punished for it. By making blanket statements seeking to throw all Jews to the lions, you are provoking God to punish you.
  5. He's teaching heresy. God will deal with nations according to how they treat the Jews if the Jews are wicked or ungodly. God will deal with individuals according to Jesus Christ.
  6. why are you the only person here who has problems understanding what we are saying when we way "Israel"? I never had a problem with that word, never had a problem understanding what it means any place it is used in the Bible, never had a problem understanding what it means when it is used in the news or by anybody in the world. The only place I would have trouble understanding the word "Israel" would be when somebody like you is using it because you are confused about it and all I'll get from you is confusion.
  7. you are teaching the heretical form of grace which is a perversion of God's grace and is from your own lusts, not from God, not from the Bible. Yosemite Sam supporters can't teach Bible to me, not allowed. Go talk to Bugs Bunny. I have spoken accurately about people behaving childish, rudely in this thread. You John, are one of them. Try to stick to the topic...holiness VS worldliness, the heretical teaching which perverts God's grace as an excuse for compromising with worldly lusts and ungodly things. I say you are teaching the grace heresy, and you attack me personally. That's typical from people who practice and teach the grace heresy
  8. You are offering excuses for sin. You are teaching the heretical perversion of God's grace. he's teaching the heretical form of God's grace, a perversion of God's grace making God's grace into something that it is not...an excuse for self-indulgences.
  9. Sounds like you don't much care what it's about, and that careless attitude is what it's about....the carelessness, even antagonism, toward godliness encouraged by the heretical teaching of God's grace.....but I guess you don't care, so why am I bothering to tell you? How is anything you said here any different than the words of a devil?
  10. This commentary about slipping into legalism is undefined, sketchy. The Bible is very clear that we are to be holy in everything we say, think, and do, and if in any of the briefest moments of the time God lends us in this world we are not being holy we are sinning and need to repent. We have to make the effort to be cooperative with God, yielded to obey Him, yielded to be used by Him however He desires. When my own speaking brings conviction on my own soul because I know it's Biblical and I don't measure up to what God wants me to be, when the Amen that rises up in me compels me to humble myself...until I am fully crucified with Christ and my sin holds no more sway over my time...until I see Jesus face to face and am like Him forever..... Usually, when people accuse Christians of legalism, they are in reality accusing God of being legalistic when He demands holiness in His beloved....and if you are sitting there with your eyes glued to Bugs Bunny, your holiness flew away with Daffy Duck before the commercials started. sounds like you need to repent of drug abuse, or renounce the pleasures you had from it.
  11. The heretical teaching of God's grace generally starts by defining God's grace as unmerited favor, and then extends that favor as a blanket excuse for indulging in whatever personal pleasures or pursuits the heretic feels are good for him, or preferable for whatever reason he deems satisfactory to justify the abuse or waste of time.. "The grace heresy" ignores the Biblical doctrine of holiness, and justifies worldliness in pleasures, passions, pastimes, and personal preferences. A lot of other words could be used to describe pursuit and indulgence in ungodliness and worldly lusts but a few of the "p's" seemed like plenty to make the point. This kind of "grace" is not God's grace, it is self-justification for self-indulgence This turns the grace of God into lasciviousness, and short of lasciviousness it turns the grace of God into licentiousness. (Jude 1-4). We who are saved by God's grace will serve God by His grace, not living, not thinking, not talking, not acting, like those to whom God' grace has appeared but they have refused God's offer of salvation and take His grace for granted as they continue their deaths in defiance of God. Christians who claim God's grace permits them to do whatever they feel like doing are wiping their feet on God's grace the same as lost people. I focused on Bug's Bunny because Bugs is a very worldly bunny, a bunny of the world....a funny bunny, a smart bunny, a well-to-do bunny, but a bunny with a bunny hole leading to Hell. Many Christians enjoy the bunny as they waste the time God gave them, letting the mind God gave them for his glory be a theater for images promoting ungodly pride. Christians who have difficulty understanding this are probably living in "the grace heresy" themselves. Christians who are so rude here that they go on and on and on talking chit-chat about themselves are probably living under the grace heresy. I hope I'm wrong about that, but my experience in discussing this topic has been that a spiteful and contentious spirit rises in Christians who have a problem with the Biblical teaching of God's grace being to bring the lost to be saved and the saved to be obedient in serving the Savior, and living in holiness obeying the Lord, bringing every thought into captivity for Christ. Reading the responses here, it's easy to see bad spirits at work trying to obscure discussion of holiness VS worldliness, godliness VS. worldliness. The holy fire is gone out of most Baptist churches today because most have compromised to accommodate worldly pleasures and entertainments which are promoted by ungodly people so the Saints scarcely appear or sound any different than the sinners. This is the result of the heretical teaching of God's grace. To my dismay, some people active here are living according to the heretical teaching of grace. I always like to think better of Baptists, then I find out that a deacon in the Baptist church down the road is seen buying beer, and the Pastor of the other Baptist church plays country music in his home...I figured something was wrong in that house by the way the children were dressed. Most Baptist churches today have compromised so much that they have become weak in speaking against alcohol if they speak against it at all. This careless and "non-offensive" attitude comes from the heretical teaching of God's grace. People who whine things like "you're trying to impose legalism on me" usually are indulging in worldly things which by the worlds standards may not be bad and may even be good and beneficial, but they are not losing their lives for the Lord and His gospel...rather they are enjoying their lives for themselves. Some of those self-indulgent people may be sliding little by little deeper into sin, and many Christians end up being habitual substance abusers or fornicators in thought or word if not fully in body. "I can't help doing what I do" is a common cheap excuse in the heretical teaching of God's grace. I guess that's enough for now It's sad that everybody does not quickly understand the perversion of God's grace as spoken of in Jude, and the correct teaching of God's grace spoken of in Titus 2. Very good. It's really plain and simple. God wants us to be holy, always and forever.
  12. All he cares about is surviving and taking care of his family. With survivalists, it's not about what the scripture says. Do you see him trying to reach Hell-bound sinners and give them the gospel so they might see how they can be saved? Survivalism is like a cult, and it colors and distorts or ignores scripture. It's self-justifying and as hard to crack with scripture as it is hard to crack through the trained façade of a Mormon or Jehovah's witness.....or a Calvinist for that matter. Jesus said if we follow Him, He would make us fishers of men....a survivalist is only stockpiling food in his boat when he is supposed to be (if he is bought by the blood of Christ) giving his life for the Lord and His gospel, fishing for souls and learning to be a better fisherman. I threw out some test questions to see how strong he is in survivalism....it's a brainwashing to keep Christians from being effective, focused on sowing seeds for the gospel......to keep Christians focused on serving there apprehensions rather than fearlessly serving the Lord, with no fear of the future. If we lose our lives for the Lord and His gospel, we will find it. If we save our life, we will lose it.
  13. You are trusting in your self thinking you can protect yourself from disappointment. I am trusting in the Lord and His promise to keep me no matter how bad trials or persecutions may be. I wouldn't trust you anyways. By the way you talk, you would probably try to cook me for dinner to serve to your kids so that you wouldn't have to cut too far into your survival food. Your survivalist mentality is the reason why nobody wants to discuss the obvious signs warning of coming judgment in the world and the responses you get are mostly "I walk by faith, not by sight, an evil generation seeks a sign" and they don't want to listen to you trying to tell them God is giving warning signs. I'm the only person, as far as I recall now, who has been supportive of your view that God is sending wake up calls and nobody is listening, but you talk like a proud pompous jerk with me. I asked if I could work with you to earn my keep and you call me a freeloader? Don't worry, I won't knock on your door...you would probably shoot me before I could turn around and walk away. I really feel sorry for you. Enjoy cracking your rocks while you can if that's what floats your boat. I guess I'll see you in heaven soon enough if you are going there.
  14. we had a survivalist join our church, then he started telling other members that the Pastor was wrong for not preaching about how we should be stocking food and weapons to survive......he got kicked out of the church, and rightly so. and the Lord takes care of me and my family in blessings or in trials, and I trust Him and suggest you do the same......and when they take your food away and your family is hungry, if you show up at my door I'll do what I can to help you. There's going to be a lot of bummed out survivalists when they find their survival plans were a waste of time.
  15. I think we have a bunch of Bugs Bunny fans here who don't want to admit their love for an ungodly and unholy show, so they go on and on and on talking about their personal worldly interests to avoid discussing Godliness VS Worldliness, Holiness VS Self-serving, Spiritual VS Carnal. I wonder why I'm the only person who liked what you shared here. There sure is a lot of boring chatter going on here about personal worldly pleasures and attachments.
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