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  1. As it is evident by my profile picture, I have a mohawk. I can also assure you that I'm a Christian, living to the best of my knowledge in a life pleasing to God. That's not to say I didn't initially receive a lot of negative feedback, particularly from church folk. I don't tell many people this, but for the sake of conversations and reasoning, I'll let you in on a secret. I have a mohawk because to me, it's a symbol of warfare. My ancestors wore their hair in this manner to signify they were warrior. It signifies the very real spiritual warfare that I am caught up in, and am struggling in. Ephesians 6:12 depicts a spiritual battle, and my hair reflects that in an outward act of symbolism. I don't have one to "be cool" (I'm from a small town that can be very judgmental, so it kinda defeats the purpose) or to "show an act of rebellion". As far as appearance goes, it can be no more a sin to have a mohawk than to shave your face. Each is an altercation to the natural way your body makes hair, and there's actually a scripture that says not to cut the corners of your beard (Leviticus 19:27). Therefore, in a moral sense, it's no more a sin to have a mohawk than to shave. I understand that the Holy Spirit may convict other people differently, which is why it is always best to pray, seek godly advice from wise people, search the scripture, and think it over long and hard before coming to a decision.

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