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  1. All of you that said you were not born with the grace of God... you are correct. I did not say any of you were born with the grace of God or by the grace of God. I said I was.
  2. Now when we catch you posting on the ssites we asked you if you posted on and you denied it here...we will ask you there. That way there will be 2 witnesses.
  3. We will be asking you the same question on the other forums you post on.
  4. This is my first time to register and post here on this forum.
  5. Are you the person that post on the topix Christian forum by the name of dollarsbill? Yes or no?
  6. I did not ask you anything other than, are you the DaveW that post on gracecentered.com. Can you either please answer with a YES or a No.
  7. Are you the DaveW that post on grace centered?
  8. I would like to know what part of this any of you do not believe. Cut and past any part or parts of this,that this person said that you do not believe... If none of you do not do this then I will assume that ewverything this person said is the truth to you and you believe it.
  9. If God is your Father, you do not have to accept the grace of God. You are born with it.
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