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  1. Standing, the thing is its a conviction to tithe and I'm not about to compromise on actual conviction. Plus my husband has set that as a house rule so even if I didn't want to I have no choice. Before all that were a small church right outside the entrance to Yellowstone Park so we are a song place to very many people and tracts,electricity,Bibles....it all adds up. So if we dint all do what we can in some way we're a missing stop sign between lots of people and hell. Our house's way of support is through tithing, that's all. And I've no idea what you mean by being outside Israel so that's just over my head.
  2. Happy, we luckily have a retired lawyer in our church who is going to help us out at his old firm so we can retain them. He's assured me that it takes lots of time,effort and money to try to become a conservator so it's not a very good chance she'll try it but you never know. Hate can push people to very far ends.
  3. My house always tithe. It's a conviction my husband and I both have and it's never been a burden. We've had months where we couldn't afford to tithe and did anyways and God has literally paid the rent or made it so we could afford food. I don't see how going against a hard prayed and studied conviction is any solution.
  4. It's an odd situation that I really would like extra prayer over. My Amish side of my family is opening back up a bit and I've been able to have some contact lately,a thing I've been praying over for a while. But my birth mother found out by listening in on a phone conversation one day and she's been increasingly hostile towards me, even worse than usual. Then we both found out we're getting inheritance money from my birth grandparents' death and she's threatening to try to block the money through a conservatorship because she knows some will be going to my church's fence fund and tithing. She's also threatening to go to my Amish side's bishop and tell him of their contact with me. It's just one big mess. She knows we need the money for massive medical bills and she certainly knows the trouble she'll cause going to the bishop. She just doesn't care. She hates anything to do with Jesus,dabbles in new age nasty stuff and at one point was in wicca for a number of years.she's deeply unhappy with life and takes it out on me because I'm the easiest target. My husband protects me from it as best he can and I stand my ground, sometimes locking my door to keep her out but all she does is yell and scream at us through the door,a few times causing neighbors to call the police. My birth father does nothing about it and lets her wear the pants, sometimes siding with her because it's easier than dealing with her. My husband and I are both trying so hard to deal with everything but it's exhausting. The craziest behavior has been since her parents died but it hasn't got better in the weeks since, just worse. Please pray we'll have the strength to do God's will in this situation and make the right decisions and for my birth sister. Once my mother finally realizes we won't respond to her antics I fear shell try to bother her next.
  5. Lord God forbid I do! I wear out a few packs a year.
  6. My Romans road was an odd situation. When I was 14 I was told I was adopted through not the most legal agreement between a web of family aquintences and all that. And my birth family wanted me back so without any legal leg to stand on,and court not being an option,I moved on with them a while later. They were a mixture oc very liberal humanism with a smattering of Judaism so I really didn't fit in. They were very suspect of anything on Penn German so I started reading King James and got strong convictions over it, started going to a regular church until my birth family found out and I want allowed to go anymore. So for years I just did schooling, got through college, got more modern (not terribly much lol) and moved out to Montana. After a year or so someone gave me a pocket sized book of John and I finally understood and was saved. Fortunately my husband, fiancee at the time, still wanted to court even though he wasn't saved because I guess he liked me enough. He jumped me by going to church a few weeks later and he was saved.Not the most dramatic testimony but God has kept me safe through a lot of stuff. It's hard for most Amish too explain beliefs in general because being Amish,doctrine wise, is a living and breathing young. I mean that it is more than belief in Jesus when you're Amish. Your tired too a family structure woven in to a community, you're dependent on others who are just as dependent on you. There's a social structure not seen anywhere else,a very alien thing to most people. It's hard to put in to words a doctrinal statement or even a simple explanation of basics when there's such a complex web of rabbit trails woven around it. Honestly most Amish themselves don't know what they believe. But there are a few universals. There's no assurance of salvation which is why it's most hard at Amish funerals about the hope the deceased will see heaven. Old Order do have the view that those not Amish are most certainly all going to hell, that no one can fully understand the Bible except the bishop. There also restrictions on what should be read from the Bible by the bishops even at home. Bible study itself is very frowned on, in some communities even an offence for shunning. As far as electricity and modern convenience, it's not a matter of being scared of technology rather than the worry that it will bring discord to the community and disrupt the home. There are some compromises tho like automatic milking machines run by electricity for legal reasons and refrigerators run by generators. Everything various community to community. A letter friend of mine lived in a small community of old order up in Canada and their bishop didn't allow any mirrors for fear of vanity, while my community allowed mirrors but they were required to be covered up by cloth so when not in use it wasn't tempting one to care for vain things.
  7. Agreed with some of the above statements. Drugs and drinking were getting very popular when I was a teen and barn parties with both were happening, the parents figuring it's just getting it out of the blood and all that. But many are pulled away from such. Others like me turned inward and studied the Bible for ourselves without the bishop's permission.
  8. I'm fine with paying taxes overall just because I feel convicted to. I just wish it were easier to direct where the money goes.
  9. Oh yes! That's where my community is and there so much to lose when you're own about being saved as Amish. There the belief that you're either Amish, very strict Mennonite in general or your going straight to hell. The bishops have a very strong hold over life. If course you also risk losing your family like I did. It's so much harder, for me, to have kept quiet to. I couldn't take baptism knowing that I'm lying and not going to follow ordnung.
  10. I have to explain it all the time on my stamp forums. I try not to get too pulled in to politics and such but Iraq and Syrian brethren have really been on my heart.
  11. Ex-Amish saved by Grace, married and nerdy. I love to Bible study, make friends, read, collect stamps and just have fun with other believers. I made this account ages ago then forgot about it. So glad I went back through my bookmarks.
  12. Ex-Amish saved by Grace, married and nerdy. I love to Bible study, make friends, read, collect stamps and just have fun with other believers. I made this account ages ago then forgot about it. So glad I went back through my bookmarks.
  13. I'm so heart touched to see people working towards this! My shunning and bann came after I read a KJV pamphlet and realized the truth of salvation. So many people assume Amish are saved or glorify the life because because it looks so different. But for all the wonderful things about Amish life the plain truth is that it's a system based on works for salvation and only the hope of heaven rather than Biblical security.
  14. When I was still Amish our bishop said it was a matter of conscience who wants to pay in to social security but we were still not allowed to draw from it. It was a means to help others who do take social security. I was trying to get exemption from OBamacare myself and was denied because I'm not a preset group or whichever term the last said. So I'm out of luck unless I lie and say I'm still Amish.
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