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  1. Praise The Lord, it is true that the elder brother who was the pastor there, said he was going to South America, but as we called him he was in the States. What matters is that they get more support especially in prayer. I sensed vulnerability and a feeling of abandonment as I spoke with the young preacher in charge there. May the LORD man him up for his great calling, Amen. Thank you for all your prayers!
  2. Concerning the situation in Romania, there is a church that needs our support in prayer. In the far north-east of the country on the border with Ukraine and Moldova is a small poor village where years ago an American missionary started an independent baptist church, mostly a kids mission. Now he is gone back in the States and the kids are in their teens and early 20s being taken care by the 23y old preacher Benone, only partly prepared and with little authority. We visited from Lugoj for other issues but God touched us all by the way he works in these youngsters still thirsty for God
  3. I think in Brasov there is a church that recently translated in poor fashion the KJV. Poorly I say because the word for word neologism language they used is artificial, foreign and ugly. The Cornilescu translation used by most evangelicals has many flaws, ex: John 3:16 reads God's only son, omitting 'begotten' which the "original" Romanian Bible of 1688 does include. That first Orthodox Bible is the closest I've seen in my native tongue to the KJV, even if the OT is from the LXX. The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death.
  4. Brethren, I have been saved 2,5 yrs ago out of a junkie truth seeker lifestyle - but instead Truth that is The Lord Jesus Christ sought and redeemed me, in my own wisdom I was but a damned fool. Where I live(Lugoj & Vienna) there are no true IFB, although at Costei here we have a very good BIMI http://www.bimi.org/ planted Independent Baptist Church(RO) and College(EN), teaching out of the KJV: http://www.maranata-costeiu.ro/ - that I truly recommend as cost effective and doctrinally sound. God taught me from the get go that in English his Word is truly found in the Authorized Ve
  5. out of the umber xeric forests from various high princes of the kingdom of air darkness came forth furiously charging mad hell hounds spewing wormwood of blindness possessing raptured initiates of magick. a nefarious society thus was born based on pseudology and vices their hearts a nest of thorns their weapons leaven under a cloak, daggers in the throat, wars in silence. with the vulpine intention to partition the globe they stop at nothing to conquer in mantic fashion the overall realm three fold controlled by Rome in their minds one alone is king, one alone is god on eart
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