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  1. And if you chose the way of ...war. Then so be it...we will give you one.
  2. Because running us off...is not going to work for you this time.
  3. Now if you can't talk about the bible or the Word of God or Jesus with out you calling us names or threatenning us or doing anything that God would not approve of...to us. Then you are going to have a very big prOBlem after today.
  4. All we want to do...is fellowship with you with out you calling us names or threatenning us or doing anything that God would not approve of...to us.
  5. And now we run that forum. There is like about 17 of us there.
  6. And if you make us angry...wwe will do like we did to this one forum. We posted their url on many forums with a message. You can image what happened.
  7. Yes we know you can ban us. But for every time you ban one of us...we are going to go get 2 more to come sign up and join us.
  8. We have not called any of you names. We have not broke any rules. You all have called us names. You all have broken the rules you said yo would adhere to when you signed up.
  9. The more you do evil to us...the more we are going to come here.
  10. All of you who said anything evil about us or me...we copied your info and your avatar.
  11. What did you go to prison for? In your bio you said you were reborn in prison. Witness to me.
  12. We copied your avatar. And sinsce you said this garbage about me... we are going to use your avatar on many different forums.
  13. You people who think this man is a man of God ...go over on Topix and read the garbage and junk he puts on people over there. He post by the name... dollarsbill.
  14. lol Now everyone on Topix knows you and what you really are. lol
  15. In fact we do not care what you do...we are going to do what we are going to do...no matter what you do anyway.

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