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  1. People need to read before they make false statements The Member named "Candlelight claims I said the Jesus drank alcoholic wine when in fact I said the opposite. I would like an apology for that please Candlelight, Here is your quote "I am shocked when I here about a Christian talk about Jesus drinking alcoholic wine" that is a lie for I never did make any such claims. I do not drink any one who preaches the gospel is not to drink period. That is why John the Baptist refuse to drink wine. I am a Biblicist so I believe the bible word for word I do not believe there is any hidden meaning in part of the bible. So if it says wine it means wine period. Good wine is not a hidden code for grape juice.
  2. I am a legally ordain preacher in the State of Georgia by my church Austin Avenue Baptist Church in Marietta. I believe the bible and only the bible as my doctrine. I would have posted my statement of faith but can not because for some reason you can't cut and paste to this page. But I have been trained by my present Pastor and my Pastor in Colorado for at least ten years. I am looking for a church needing a Pastor. I believing soul winning and supporting missionaries. I believe ever word of the KJV bible to be the very word of GOD to obey and live by.
  3. I do not drink, not because I can not handle it but because I mad a vow with God not too. I used to drink wine in fact I used to make my own wine as a hobby. 1 Timothy 3:3 when referring to a Bishop same thing as a Pastor it says not giving to wine. But when it gives the qualifications of a deacon it says in 1 Timothy 3:8 not giving to much wine. So why is a Pastor not to have any wine and a deacon not to have much wine. Well that is hard to answer. I would prefer nobody drink it causes problems trust me I know. Did Jesus make real wine at the wedding yes I believe he did people are not going to save the best grape juice for last that is just silly. I believe the bible says what it means and means what it says and he made water into wine period not new wine not grape juice but wine, He is the catcher though Jesus did not drink it. Now at the last supper did he use wine will they only had a sip and if that was wine it was all Jesus ever had though if I preform the Lords supper I would only use grape juice. Now the problem is if it is okay to have small amounts of wine how much is to much and when is it ok. You should never drink around children period. You should never drink when you are going to operate a vehicle or make any important decision. You should never drink in public it is a bad witness the sinner observing you doesn't know how much you are drinking. We must avoid the appearance of evil. So when and how much is a big question. The wine made today is about 12% alcohol the wine made in the bible days was 6% or less. So if they drank a glass of wine you would only have a half a glass. Now I said I used to drink until I decided to follow my calling and get ordained but I took a vow like John the Baptist did. I like the fact that I drank for one reason it gave me something to give up for GOD. I only drank at celebrations and before bed it helped me get to sleep easy. Some day I will be a Pastor of a Church and what will I tell people if you tell some one it is okay to have a drink they will have two drinks. I know how people are. Alcohol has cause so much deviation in so man peoples lives I have seen it with my own eyes I have seen the carnage cause by drinking. I was a medic in the navy years ago and saw the mess and horrible injuries inflicted and caused by drinking. I was a cab driver and have seen people at there worst while drinking. What is the fine line you cross from having a drink to being a drunkard. The bible says drunkards can not enter the kingdom. If you want my advice take it or leave it. You do not need any wine. You need to serve the Lord and help reach the lost and dying world out there. Take a vow like John the Baptist did an for sake drinking all together. Serve the LORD win souls for GOD. Help out a ministry. The time is short here don't waste you salvation on a glass of wine it is not that important what is important is peoples lives. Open you eyes a see what drinking has done in your community. GOD BLESS you.

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