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  1. People need to read before they make false statements The Member named "Candlelight claims I said the Jesus drank alcoholic wine when in fact I said the opposite. I would like an apology for that please Candlelight, Here is your quote "I am shocked when I here about a Christian talk about Jesus drinking alcoholic wine" that is a lie for I never did make any such claims. I do not drink any one who preaches the gospel is not to drink period. That is why John the Baptist refuse to drink wine. I am a Biblicist so I believe the bible word for word I do not believe there is any hidden meaning in par
  2. I am a legally ordain preacher in the State of Georgia by my church Austin Avenue Baptist Church in Marietta. I believe the bible and only the bible as my doctrine. I would have posted my statement of faith but can not because for some reason you can't cut and paste to this page. But I have been trained by my present Pastor and my Pastor in Colorado for at least ten years. I am looking for a church needing a Pastor. I believing soul winning and supporting missionaries. I believe ever word of the KJV bible to be the very word of GOD to obey and live by.
  3. I do not drink, not because I can not handle it but because I mad a vow with God not too. I used to drink wine in fact I used to make my own wine as a hobby. 1 Timothy 3:3 when referring to a Bishop same thing as a Pastor it says not giving to wine. But when it gives the qualifications of a deacon it says in 1 Timothy 3:8 not giving to much wine. So why is a Pastor not to have any wine and a deacon not to have much wine. Well that is hard to answer. I would prefer nobody drink it causes problems trust me I know. Did Jesus make real wine at the wedding yes I believe he did people are not going
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