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  1. They have answered the question though. They say it's because the species of ape humans descended from are not the same species of ape that exist now. There was a split way back when and one species evolved into what are now humans and the others evolved into the apes that are still apes. The other answer is because during the evolutionary process any ape species that began to evolve higher intelligence were killed by the evolving humans so we alone became the superior ones. The other ape species could only survive by not evolving higher intelligence.
  2. I'm in a quarantine hotel in Taiwan, it's been almost two weeks, I have another day and then freedom! But I just wanted to share the different lunchbox meals the hotel provided. I didn't take a picture of every meal , but this will give you an idea of what typical Taiwanese food looks like. My favorite, pork dumplings and corn soup. How they delivered my food.
  3. Thanks for the in depth reply, Jim, it's very helpful to have things to consider that I may not have thought of! I'll try to answer the questions best I can. For some background, the property I'm talking about belonged to my parents, once my dad passed away, my younger sister quit her job and moved back to Missouri help care for our mom, who has recently decided to move into town. My sister and I decided we would continue to care for the property rather than sell it off, with my sister being the one in charge since I will mainly be in Taiwan and only be able to physically help when I am back in the States. Personally, I want nothing to do with milking cows or goats. My sister thinks differently on that one. The goal I would have for livestock is for meat. Although I do want a pet Highland cow (it's not practical, I know). For growing vegetables, I was thinking of doing raised beds. We have fruit trees, but they're struggling so in the future we may not get anymore. Our dad raised bees a very long time ago and we've thought about getting back into that. I do follow some homesteaders on youtube, but the ones I like to watch already have established hobby farms. I've learned a lot, but really it's not helpful for beginners. There are some that claim to help beginners, but they're either not likable and boring to watch or they're condescending or they don't explain things well. We're still in the research phase of this. It's going to be difficult especially since I will not actually be there to help most of the time, but it's been something both of us have wanted since we were children but never had the opportunity. Here are two of the dogs playing in the pond.
  4. This is how the scene is often illustrated. How accurate it really is, I don't know, but it's how the scene was described so it's probably close.
  5. Yes, it's exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. I am not married, I work with the local pastors where needed. The church I'm helping in now I haven't needed or been asked to teach men, but in the prior church I was asked on occasion to do so because it was a very small, new church plant started from the ground up. I did everything except preach (piano, Bible studies, janitor, Sunday school, etc). I helped train the people who are now qualified to be in the positions they're in (except the now pastor, my dad taught him). I did it all under the guidance of my dad - the missionary who started the church, and now the local pastor. Once they had all the positions filled with locals who were doing an excellent job, I moved on to the next church, where I am now. So it wasn't a matter of men abdicating responsibility, there simply weren't many men knowledgeable in the Bible at that time to be the teachers. I was extremely happy once I was able to step back, do you know how intimidating it is to teach someone who holds a doctorate, haha!
  6. If we wanted to begin the homestead life with 16 acres part wooded, part field, and a small pond and a house with no fence except around the property, what should we do first? What are the best farm animals (mention your preferred breed of animal, not just species) for beginners and why? What kind of containment and housing would each of these animals need? (location: Missouri) Random trespassing neighbors cow...fences may need repair, also shutting the gate might help. What kind of cow is this, maybe a Jersey or mix?
  7. Acts 18: 24 And a certain Jew named Apollos, born at Alexandria, an eloquent man, and mighty in the scriptures, came to Ephesus. 25 This man was instructed in the way of the Lord; and being fervent in the spirit, he spake and taught diligently the things of the Lord, knowing only the baptism of John. 26 And he began to speak boldly in the synagogue: whom when Aquila and Priscilla had heard, they took him unto them, and expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly. In the NT scripture, Aquila and Priscilla, a husband and wife team, taught Apollos what he was missing in scripture. It's clear to me that the three had a Bible study together, the wording suggests both Priscilla and Aquilla taught Apollos and he accepted their teaching, becoming a very strong and bold preacher for the cause of Christ. Priscilla may not have taught in the church or Sunday school(the Bible doesn't say), but she did teach Apollos, a man, in a Bible study together with her husband. My personal experience: I'm a missionary and there have been times I taught teen boys and men in Bible studies. In one instance, I held a Bible study at a hospital with the administrative staff (all women) during their lunch break. I have had a male pharmaceutical rep drop in on occasion to join the Bible study. Should I have told him he wasn't welcome because I was a woman and had no authority to teach him? Or is it because I taught at a hospital and not a church it's okay? At the church my dad started in Taiwan I taught Sunday school, which included teen boys up to age 16. There have been numerous times when a young child is afraid to go to Sunday school alone and the father sits with them in the class and participates in the lesson and activities with their child. Should I have insisted they go to the main service and let their child cry and disrupt class? (some parents did just this, I held the crying child and taught the lesson at the same time, no big deal for me, but other parents don't want their child crying) The choice was the father's, they wanted church to be a positive place and not a fearful place and so they listened to the lesson I taught. When the church decided to forgo VBS and church camp and instead hold a weeklong series of intensive Bible lessons, I was asked to teach in one of the hour slots. It was a mixed class, teenagers and adults. I am in Taiwan to minister mainly to children and women, but I will teach teen boys and men if asked to do so, although it happens rarely. I do not believe I am in any way usurping authority or putting myself (or women in general) on a pedestal. On the contrary, I believe I am submitting myself to my pastoral authority by obeying the instruction given to teach the truths of the Bible, no matter who may be listening.
  8. The website the information was from is https://vaers.hhs.gov/faq.html If you really want to find the statistics listed above in the thread, you need to sift through information, it's not really provided in an easy to access article. Happy hunting. https://wonder.cdc.gov/vaers.html
  9. No, marijuana in any form is an illegal substance in Taiwan.
  10. 1967 was the last one, the patient died. I just did a quick google search, so if someone knows of another doctor who performed this legally in the United States after 1967 they're free to share that information here. https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5014576
  11. Lobotomies to cure mental illnesses. Smoking, meth, and heroin were all used as medicinal treatments and cures.
  12. Two separate missionaries in Taiwan (which is on soft lockdown now) have recently had people saved through their online services. One was a lady watching the online Sunday school service with her daughter and called the missionary to come to her house to explain salvation in detail and she was saved. The other was similar, watching the online service with her daughter and was saved. The gospel being preached is the main thing no matter if it's in person or online.
  13. Yes, many organizations exist where the members do not show kindness one toward another or the general public. Often, in order to keep their jobs, kindness is faked towards each other and the general public, it's a display and (almost) everyone knows it. Other times kindness is nonexistent most of the time. Examples include Walmart, any fast food chain, various airlines, social media (facebook, twitter, etc), sports teams, the list could go on. Even some organizations you think would be based on kindness are some of the worst/hateful: PeTA, ASPCA, my local animal shelter before it was shut down and rebranded, etc.
  14. I didn't know it was a common argument against the KJV when I say I use the KJV 1769 and not KJV 1611, because I do say this all the time and I am not against the KJV! I do think it is misleading to say 1611 if it's not the one you're actually using, though. What's wrong with being accurate with the year of the KJV Bible you're using?
  15. https://www.facebook.com/rebecca.young.9465/videos/6092621334097442
  16. Thank you all for praying. For those who don't know, I'm Alan's daughter. This was posted on the facebook page started to keep family and friends informed of the situation: "For all who have been following. Plans have been discussed and settled. We are having a Memorial Service for Maurice Young, Saturday May 15th at 10 am, at Tabernacle Baptist Church, Lebanon, Missouri, Pastor Don Ball presiding. There is a luncheon afterwards for family and friends. For some family and friends, we are having graveside services Friday May 14th, at 11:30 in St. Louis. If more info is needed, message me for details. There are hotels in Lebanon, they can be found on internet. Thanks for all your prayers and support for our families loss." ____________________ If you could also be in prayer for the memorial service that will take place here in Taiwan on April 22nd, we would be grateful.
  17. The pastor friend in Myanmar sent this message: “Last night, around 9:30pm, our neighbor was taken away. All street lights were out and dark. Please continue to pray for our safety and protection of God. My wife was so terrified. We were up the whole night. I will delete it again.” ______ Just sending that short message could put him and his family in danger, so he deleted it after sending. The people there are living in a state of terror, never knowing when they will be dragged from their homes to an unknown fate. The people are being worn down physically and emotionally, it's heart breaking that we have to sit and watch from afar while this unfolds, unable to help. Please continue to pray!
  18. Things are indeed growing worse. There is so much I was going to say, but as an update, I will simply copy/paste what a local wrote: Dear praying brethren I am writing this Report with a broken and trembling heart. My eye is filled with sadness and tears of hurt. First of all I want to beg you to pray for our safety and protection. It is my prayer that the angel of the Lord will continue to surround every home in our country. Latest Update From the day that the M-C took control over the country which was February 1, there was a constant peaceful protest from our people. I can say it is the whole country uprising against the injustice act. About One week everything was calm with nonviolent. But starting from March 6 to 9, the Soldiers received ordered from their general to shoot as much as they want to these peaceful protestors. They used Machine Guns, Rifles, Snipers and even Air craft (Particularly to attack Kachin State) in their shooting,. Every day we needed to collect dead bodies on the road with tears and pains. They killed a school teacher who was just walking on the street; they also shoot a pregnant woman hid a young peaceful protestors. They would go to any house they want and bring people into prison. A lot of women were captured, and according to their testimony they were raped and beaten before they were released. From March 10- to 14, things even got worse; they captured the former NLD elected people. One of them is a president of a public school and much respected person. They brought him to their office and the next morning they called his wife to collect his body. His face was disfigured already. Things get worse and worse they took over a very importance places like University, Hospital, and any kind of school building by force. They entered into any house , they kick out or imprison the family and they occupy the place. No Bank is opened and I don’t know how long it will be. Internets are cut off, we can use only a few hours. And it is dangerous to post anything that against them. If they check and see we are in danger. From March 15-16, Today is the day of mourning and biggest shooting day. Our “ Hlaing tha yar” state started their protesting. Not very long the Soldiers came and shoot them with M-16, within one day we have 76 dead. A lot of them are young people who have such a bright future. It break my heart so much. Everywhere is filled with smoke and fire. They burned the chinese factories and they blamed over the civilian. There were 7 factories burned and destroyed. Thousands of people don’t have work, food and a place to stay now. Almost all of our church members ran back to their village now. There is neither market nor shop where we can buy food because every road is blocked now. How long we will last if it continues like this!? Just a while ago, the soldiers’ truck came and stop near our house. We were terrified; they captured six people who were having tea in the shop. We don’t know what they will do to them. God is my only Hope All missionaries are suffering greatly the misery of this. My missionary friend has a wife who is about to give birth and there is no hospital opened. He said to me , they will do it by themselves in their small house by trusting God. Dear friends…. I have two small little girls one is two year and another is six month, I don’t care if I don’t have food to eat but I am thinking much for them and their safety. May you continue to uphold us in your prayer for our safety, provision and protection." ________ Another Christian wrote much the same thing but added this: "Last night, S. came to our Bible College area and tried to occupy our building. We fervently prayed and they turned in another direction. We did hear gunshot sounds the whole night." The pastor I mentioned in my first post said: ”Thank you so much. I need to delete all my posts about the protests. They began going into houses and check their FB posts.” ___________ Please do not forget to pray for the people of Myanmar!
  19. I am going to politely ask that this thread not be turned into yet another place for bickering and hobby horses, please and thank you. This thread is specifically asking for prayer for the people of Myanmar as they are going through a time of horrible turmoil and upheaval in their lives.
  20. Some good news, the pastor friend got back in contact, he and his wife are safe! They are at home now but are emotionally drained and are having difficulty eating and sleeping. They are very grateful for the prayers and ask for continued prayers.
  21. The military takeover of Myanmar is growing worse. I know of a missionary family who was successfully evacuated with other foreigners, but others are still there. The local church I work with here in Taiwan is close friends with a Myanmar pastor who has disappeared, he was last heard from on February 18th. People are being murdered in the streets, and as they flee from the military/police they head to churches for safety, but these places of refuge are ignored by the military/police, they are breaking down the gates and doors to arrest anyone who flees into these buildings, and even arrest the pastors for giving the people sanctuary. https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/4142159 https://www.myanmar-now.org/en/news/police-raid-kachin-baptist-church-in-lashio-10-arrested-including-ministers Video of police breaking into a house: https://fb.watch/40DTgwjmRZ/
  22. I have to amend my above comment as I was reminded of a situation where the new regulations have affected Christians, although they were not specifically targeted. One of the ways Taiwan has been successful in combating the virus is because they closed their borders. In order to come to Taiwan you have to meet strict criteria. There are new missionaries who were set to arrive in Taiwan this year, but due to the new regulations and not being far enough along in their paperwork they did not meet the new requirements so they cannot come to Taiwan. Two new missionary families arrived just last month because they met all the requirements and had certain documents the others did not have. So right now it's a waiting game for any new missionary to see when Taiwan will allow them entry. These new requirements for entry to Taiwan affect everybody so at this moment in time they are not targeted at keeping missionaries out of Taiwan.
  23. Here in Taiwan there have been no infringements on religious freedoms. The regulations due to Covid can be inconvenient at times, especially now as we are entering the Chinese New Year week. However, these regulations are not as insane as other countries, and are not targeted to certain groups, religious or otherwise. I am very thankful for the freedoms we can still enjoy here and pray for those who are beginning to experience persecution.
  24. An updated modern KJV has already been done, in 1994. It's called the 21st Century King James Bible if you want to check it out and compare it to the 1769 KJV. I've never read it so I don't know what differences are in it, however it was supposedly only changing some 'archaic' vocabulary words, not grammar or the thee's and thou's. So if the Bible scholars in this thread want to check it out, feel free and maybe give us a good review on a separate thread and tell us what you think.
  25. I just wanted to share what an amazing service we had at church today. I serve at a little church in Taitung, Taiwan. Since last year, our church has done an outreach with the Indonesian workers that live in and around our city (caregivers and fishermen). We had a good Christmas service with many attending last year, and this year we made plans to do the same thing, to have our church members be servants to the Indonesians who attend the Christmas service. Word got around and today we had a record-smashing 98 people attend service today! Many of them are Muslim and they all listened well as the gospel was shared as Christ was glorified and preached. While no decisions were made, seeds were planted. Please pray for the people who heard the gospel today, they know how to reach any of us if they have questions, so pray they have the courage to reach out! The lady to the right of the pastor is translating everything from Chinese to Indonesian. The little church building was packed wall to wall, front to back. I sat in the back on the stairs!
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