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  1. honebee873

    Singers Of Southern Gospel Music

    I agree, I haven't really made the effort to learn to play the guitar lol. I will one day though, Lord willing.
  2. honebee873

    Singers Of Southern Gospel Music

    I would love to play a guitar or something like it! I just wasn't blessed with that talent though. :/ I would rather sing and let someone else play for me, but when I don't have anyone else, I play the piano. In my older years I struggle with doing two things at once lol
  3. honebee873

    Singers Of Southern Gospel Music

    You're very welcome
  4. honebee873

    Singers Of Southern Gospel Music

    Jason Crabb is more CCM these days but I still like some of his older SG songs. I wouldn't go hear him sing though.
  5. honebee873

    Singers Of Southern Gospel Music

    LOL oh yes, I sure do! They will warm ya'll right on up! I'm right on the Mississippi-Louisiana state line, so while I'm not too fond of some of their ways, we cook about the same except I don't use "innards" or "outards" in my cooking.
  6. honebee873

    Can We Reclaim This Dress Standard?

    I have had a lot of trouble regarding this issue and it has taken some time, but I have learned so much. My husband surrendered to preach about six months ago. I automatically decided I would have to give up my pants for my husband. Wrong. I became extremely bitter. I loved my jeans. I was actually raised they were wrong and so when I moved out on my own, I bought some and I was in love with them. I loved how they made me feel and my flesh enjoyed it. It's actually kind of hard to feel 'sexy' in a modest skirt. When we met, my husband was a bull rider and owning nice pair fitting jeans was a must for both of us. So, I told my husband he better not lust after a woman in jeans! If I couldn't wear them because of him being a preacher, he was not to enjoy them on anyone else. That was the wrong attitude and for the wrong reasons and I hindered him more as a preacher and my own relationship with the Lord, than if I'd just continued to wear pants. God convicted me on it because I kept saying it was because of my husband's ministry. But then I realized I should never do anything for anyone except the One Who gave His life for me. My husband could fall out of God's will tomorrow. Then what? My modesty would go out the window? It was a lot harder giving them up for my husband than it was for God! I asked the Lord to forgive me and to help me to be closer to Him and what my flesh wanted and what made me feel good didn't seem too important anymore. The Bible says to die to our flesh daily. Not fulfill it's worldly desires, for me it was to look sexy and fit in with the world. We are to be different from the world and we are to be separate. They may associate me with the Pentecostals but at least they know I'm different from them. There are some pants that can be more modest than some skirts I have seen and if a woman is where she should be in her relationship with God, she will have convictions on how modest her dress or skirt should be. We always tend to ride the "separation" fence as close to the world's side as we can, some of us could sneeze and we'd probably fall over on their side. We should be whatever they're not and be proud of it. We've been called out! Mrs. Francie Taylor has a study on modesty and she said in her study that if God doesn't have full access to your wardrobe, He doesn't have full access to you. You cannot serve God with the attitude that He can have everything else but your closet. She doesn't say skirts are only what women should wear, but that modest clothing is what the Bible says for us and if you have dresses, skirts, blouses, pants, shorts, or any other garment that you have a question mark about, "is this modest enough?" then the answer is, it should not be worn and it is sin. We know the answer already a lot of times, it is just not the answer we want. Now for the ladies that only wear dresses and skirts to church and church outings...does God not see us away from church? If it is wrong for us to wear it at church then wouldn't it be equally as wrong to wear pants or clothing that is not modest to town or elsewhere?? I used to only wear dresses and skirts at church (before my husband surrendered to preach and I became concerned at all on this matter) but then I realized at how it was a double standard really and that I should worry how God sees me all the time and not just church folks. The Bible says we are to walk within our house with a perfect heart and that we should do everything as heartily as unto the Lord. It does matter how modest your clothing is, how it affects your heart at home and how it affects others that see you, regardless of where you are at. I found this link below the other day and I really loved the things that were brought out and I agree. http://thebaptistvoice.com/categories/student-ministry/does-god-care-what-we-wear#.Upu0heEDCaQ.facebook
  7. honebee873

    Singers Of Southern Gospel Music

    Not too many areas are godly, but we sure aren't cold in Mississippi!
  8. honebee873

    Singers Of Southern Gospel Music

    Yeah...I don't care for the new fangled mess they try and play off as true SG. ;-)
  9. honebee873

    Whats for Supper...

    I cooked marinated steaks, white lima beans with potatoes and bacon, a pan of corn bread, sliced onion and sweet iced tea. Praying Bro. Garry! I am a very picky eater and can barely stand the thought of eating something without knowing what it is made of lol. Happy Birthday to your hubby HC!
  10. honebee873

    Singers Of Southern Gospel Music

    It all boils down to whether or not the heart is in it to serve God and not the pocket book. That is with singing, preaching, any service for God. It should never be about what is in it for us, but for what it can do for the cause of Christ. I do not feel God calls singers though...the Bible says that it is by the foolishness of preaching people are saved, not singing. Singing and playing God-honoring music is worship to our Lord and you should not have to be "called" to worship Him. If it is done in the right way, it is pleasing to the Lord and He inhabits the praise of His people. Salyan, I agree, just like with anything that has ever been done to glorify the Lord, the devil always has his counterfeit! Southern Gospel is not what it used to be when I was a young girl. We didn't have a television, so we always had our stereo set to the local Southern Gospel station. But the Southern Gospel I'm referring to above is more like the Rochesters, The Dixons, The Simpsons and Breakin Ground. They all sing a lot of hymns, write their own music and they play their own instruments. All honorable and pleasing to the Lord
  11. honebee873

    Singers Of Southern Gospel Music

    The Brady Rochester Family did visit our church last summer and I thoroughly enjoyed them!! I also love and sing some of Karen Peck and New River's songs as well as Brian Free and Assurance!
  12. honebee873

    Teaching Children About Sin

    A lot of times we accidentally glorify sin and wrong doing in the name of "warning against it". We should be more careful to point out the consequences of sin. The wages of sin is death and dying in that sin leads to eternal separation from God. My children are still too young to even grasp the concept of that but if they see something they have heard preached against, their first response is "mama...that burns in hell". I am quick to explain that only the rejection of God's Son and what He did for us on Calvary is the only thing that can send a person to hell. But I would warn them about any form of danger, anything that could harm them! So I think it is very wise for a parent to warn their children that the pleasures of sin only last for a season but it can scar them for life without making it seem like an adventure. I get so sick of hearing people say their children need to plant wild oats instead of doing their jobs as God fearing parents and guarding what God entrusted them with! Don't let your guard down while giving no place to the devil.
  13. honebee873

    Family Devotions

    I read them a few chapters each morning and we have prayer time before our school day starts and even on Saturdays, then we do it again in the evening, before bed with my husband. We discuss things that are read and they are allowed to ask questions, some of which are extremely hard to answer! But it is my favorite times of our day and even though they might not understand it on our level, they are listening. God's Word will not return void, so I know it is all being rooted deep within their little hearts. Maybe I should be more fancy about it but I just figure you can't go wrong with the Bible, however you use it. They are 6, 4, and 11 months. I have learned in my own Sunday School class that family devotion does not have to be church, just consistent. Never skip and if you do, start back, don't stop! So even on sick days, if nothing else gets done, we are going to gather around and do family Bible and prayer time.
  14. honebee873

    Singers Of Southern Gospel Music

    What are some of your favorite groups and what songs do they/you sing? I absolutely love the Dixons and Breakin Ground is a wonderful young group too. I also love the Leonard Fletcher Family. Oh and the Rochesters. I could go on and on. I sure do hope it is okay to ask this...I notice the old music forum is no longer on here. If not, please do forgive me and remove this thread.
  15. honebee873

    Whats for Supper...

    Call me awful...but we had Sonic! After church three times today and an ice cream social/goodbye party for our missionaries to Zambia, Africa, I did not feel like cooking! So when my hubby suggested picking up something to go from town, I was one happy mama.