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  1. Umpqua Valley Christian School in Roseburg, OR also seeking teachers. 45 years established with a fabulous local reputation. School is not tied to any particular church. A good church home for teachers there is Victory Baptist Church, Roseburg, OR a well established IFB to the core church with a Pastor of 25 years now. Especially seeking a 5th grade teacher, but various other opportunities are available. Salary is dependent upon experience. Adam Armstrong aarmstrong@uvcs.org
  2. I remember her very well with fond memories. I will be praying.
  3. After 5 years now I love my dentures. With the proper adhesives I can eat literally anything (though biting down on hard things with front teeth does cause issues with loosening). My dentures are entirely comfortable though it took a couple of months of adjustments until my gums and jaw became used to them. The first 3 months were the only adjustment period where I had to even learn how to talk with my dentures in.
  4. I would recommend KNVBC.com for good Conservative Christian Music with no rock/CCM and good preaching.
  5. I am afraid I will have to look into this more closely. I will admit that "end-times prophesy" is by far my least favorite doctrine. I favor practical Christian living studies over things that will be happening after I am called out of here. Teach me how to be more like Jesus, not what the Antichrist will look like.
  6. I won't stop at that. I plan on hand delivering the CD's and discipling him as much as he will allow. He was a pleasure to talk to and as you can imagine, very intelligent. I am hoping we can get into some good bible study. I may get a chance to ease him into coming to church after our Pastor lays down the law on how he is to be treated. I have run into the type of situation one other time in my last church 20 years ago when we were in a building program actively erecting a new church building and doing as much of the labor as we could on our own. Suddenly many of our carpenters, plumbers and electricians disappeared from the church.
  7. My only problem with speculating that the anti-Christ will come out of Rome or be a Gentile in any way is that the Jews will accept him as their Messiah. I can't see any Jewish nation accepting a Gentile as Messiah. I believe the anti-Christ must be a Jew.
  8. 1 Corinthians 15:52 (KJV) 52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. I believe our bodies will be like Jesus's incorruptible. You will be able to touch and feel and be touched, eat (yeah!), and even pass through walls like Jesus did after his resurrection. Can't wait to come back as the Lord's host in an incorruptible body. That will be terrible and fun at the same time.
  9. As the sound man at my church I offered and he accepted copies of my pastors sermons sent to him in CD form. At least he will get some preaching better than most of drivel you hear on our local "christian" radio. I also directed him to KNVBC Radio for some wonderful preaching as well.
  10. I was out soul winning today and ran into a man that had a very solid testimony of salvation entirely by grace through faith with no works. When I asked what church he goes to, he replied "I can't go to church anywhere unless it's at least a 100 miles away and I can completely hide my profession". Fearing the worst like he ran one of the local Marijuana dispensaries legal here in Oregon, I asked what is his profession. He said, "I am a Family Practice Physician". If I am in a church, as soon as that is found out my phone never stops ringing at all hours of the day and night from church members all wanting and expecting free medical advice and care, or at the least preferential treatment for appointments so their loved one bumps automatically to the top of any wait list. The abuse I get is so extreme I have stayed away from any churches for years now, though I really miss the preaching. I was shocked. Could this actually be true of most churches? If so, shame on us!
  11. We have an excellent quality digital soundboard and make good CD copies, but our dream is to have a Website where we could post sermons and such that is password protected for just members. We have no one in our church with the technical skills to design a site though. Any suggestions on a good professional with pricing would be appreciated. I doubt we could ever think of live streaming. Our Pastor is not shy about preaching the whole counsel of God and some of his sermons would have protesters picketing our church or worse if he is speaking about Islam and other religions.
  12. For any new Christian, I always recommend studying 1 and 2nd Thessalonians. The best epistles for a new Christian in my opinion. Then follow it by Galatians and Ephesians.
  13. Here are the "Red Flags" I look for when visiting a church for the first time. 1. The church has jettisoned the King James bible and any (per)version of the day will do. 2. The church flier if they have one with order of service. If it says something like "10:45 am Praise and Worship service" followed by 11:45 am devotional message and then 12 pm sharp end time. 3. You look for a "missions board" displaying supported missionaries and prayer letters and find instead a board listing the church softball league schedule, the praise band practice times, and social events calendar. 4. The church has 400 average attendance but 275 of them are under 25 years of age. Almost no elderly.
  14. I have been a Dodger fan all my life.
  15. Baseball! Which is obviously God's favorite sport as well. Gen 1:1 In the Big Inning God created...
  16. I don't play this because the game was won by Matt Souza back on August 10, 2004. Matthew 20:16 (KJV) 16 So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.
  17. In our small church where I take the attendance last week would be typical. Sunday school Adults/Teens only for this count = 52 Sunday 11am service = 78 Sunday evening 6 pm = 69 Wednesday service 65. Our bus ministry overloaded our church building capacity and we have to take the children off site and across town to another facility. There are approximately 45 in those services. Our "core members" rarely miss any service and we seem to have about 60 - 70 core members.
  18. In your search for a church I believe it is important to attend all the services of the week. Do not make a judgement based on the Sunday morning services only because many/most pastors will preach messages designed for the lost to salvation, or the baby christian. The Sunday evening services tend to be more "practical christian living" messages, and the Wednesday evening services are for the "core members" and typically consist of the weightier doctrines and beliefs. This pattern is sometimes referred to as "Seed, Feed and Weed". You won't really know a church until you have sat through a few weeks of services attending each one.
  19. It is impossible to explain the experience of being at a saints side as they step into the loving arms of Jesus. As hard as it was to watch someone in their last hours as their body is shutting down that moment of peace at the end was something special and the place that it happened will always be special to me now. God allowed me to witness something amazing at his death that I simply must tell you about. My dad during his last 18 hours was pretty much in a comma and unresponsive in any way. His eyes had not opened once in that time. He had a normal during dying breathing pattern that was hard to watch in the end consisting of apnea where he would stop breathing for up to 20 seconds and then start again for exactly 9 breaths before another round. This went on for 15 hours. Then came his last and this was amazing. He went into apnea, then for this first time took one breath, opened his eyes, looked off into the corner of the ceiling, smiled and was gone! I was stunned. I believe God may have lifted the vail over his eyes and let him glimpse what was coming or angels in that final second of life. An experience I will never forget. Bro. Garry In His will. By His power. For His glory.
  20. Edward Richard Santos Jr., 81. Passed Away peacefully from this life and on to eternal life today January the eleventh at 11:45 p.m. A great Man. A great Father to us. I am so honored to have had you for my father. Now is a time of tears for us, yet joy too, in knowing the unspeakable joy that is now his for all of eternity. I look forward to the time when we will all be United again. 1 Corinthians 15:55 (KJV) 55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? Psalm 116:15 (KJV) 15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. We who are alive and remain will celebrate a race well run by my father. Well named was the Holy Spirit as the Great Comforter. Thank you Jesus for giving me the strength to be at his side when he entered into glory! All praise, honor and glory forever! In His will. By His power. For His glory.
  21. Update. My dad came through his emergency surgery and is recovering well. They transferred him from the hospital to a rehab facility last night. After he is sufficiently on his feet again, then starts the decision on what to do about all the tumors on his liver. The doctor stated that those types of tumors that result from a metastasized spread from a cancer in another part of the body, typically respond well to chemo. That is where the real battle will come in that needs prayer; my dad's willingness to go through extraordinary means to prolong his life when what he really wants is to go to his eternal home. All that he has left on this dirt ball is me and my siblings, all his friends and both wives (my mom died young in her 30's of cancer) are already waiting for him. Please continue to pray for the salvation of my brother and sister. Because I live a separated lifestyle with standards based on bible principles, they think I am in some kind a weird cult and they are just waiting for me to drink the koolaid.
  22. My father, who is 80 years old is dying. He has stage 4 colon cancer that has metastasized as well to his liver causing as the doctor stated "more tumors than can be counted" on his liver. Last night he went into emergency surgery because his colon ruptured. Needless to say none of this is operable or curable and prognosis is less than 2 months tops if he survives what happened last night. Now for the good news. My dad has a very solid testimony of salvation and obvious influences of the Holy Spirit in his life. However, my brother Jeff is lost, knows it, and doesn't care. My sister I am not sure about. She says she is saved but her beliefs are modern neo-evangelical "works salvation" since she believes every time you drop a stitch you need to be re-saved. Has never read the bible and has no desire to (which I don't understand if you are truly saved). My prayer is more for my brother and sister than my dad who is at peace with finally going home. Prayer for him would simply be that he passes as comfortably as possible. Bro. Garry In His will. By His power. For His glory.
  23. Nothing like quoting bible principle and immediately being excused from Jury Duty. I simply told them that according to scriptures I can not and will not condemn anyone except by the testimony of two or more direct witnesses regardless of any circumstantial evidence. They asked me to leave so fast it made my head spin.

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