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  1. In our small church where I take the attendance last week would be typical. Sunday school Adults/Teens only for this count = 52 Sunday 11am service = 78 Sunday evening 6 pm = 69 Wednesday service 65. Our bus ministry overloaded our church building capacity and we have to take the children off site and across town to another facility. There are approximately 45 in those services. Our "core members" rarely miss any service and we seem to have about 60 - 70 core members.
  2. In your search for a church I believe it is important to attend all the services of the week. Do not make a judgement based on the Sunday morning services only because many/most pastors will preach messages designed for the lost to salvation, or the baby christian. The Sunday evening services tend to be more "practical christian living" messages, and the Wednesday evening services are for the "core members" and typically consist of the weightier doctrines and beliefs. This pattern is sometimes referred to as "Seed, Feed and Weed". You won't really know a church until you have sat through a few weeks of services attending each one.
  3. It is impossible to explain the experience of being at a saints side as they step into the loving arms of Jesus. As hard as it was to watch someone in their last hours as their body is shutting down that moment of peace at the end was something special and the place that it happened will always be special to me now. God allowed me to witness something amazing at his death that I simply must tell you about. My dad during his last 18 hours was pretty much in a comma and unresponsive in any way. His eyes had not opened once in that time. He had a normal during dying breathing pattern that was hard to watch in the end consisting of apnea where he would stop breathing for up to 20 seconds and then start again for exactly 9 breaths before another round. This went on for 15 hours. Then came his last and this was amazing. He went into apnea, then for this first time took one breath, opened his eyes, looked off into the corner of the ceiling, smiled and was gone! I was stunned. I believe God may have lifted the vail over his eyes and let him glimpse what was coming or angels in that final second of life. An experience I will never forget. Bro. Garry In His will. By His power. For His glory.
  4. Edward Richard Santos Jr., 81. Passed Away peacefully from this life and on to eternal life today January the eleventh at 11:45 p.m. A great Man. A great Father to us. I am so honored to have had you for my father. Now is a time of tears for us, yet joy too, in knowing the unspeakable joy that is now his for all of eternity. I look forward to the time when we will all be United again. 1 Corinthians 15:55 (KJV) 55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? Psalm 116:15 (KJV) 15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. We who are alive and remain will celebrate a race well run by my father. Well named was the Holy Spirit as the Great Comforter. Thank you Jesus for giving me the strength to be at his side when he entered into glory! All praise, honor and glory forever! In His will. By His power. For His glory.
  5. Update. My dad came through his emergency surgery and is recovering well. They transferred him from the hospital to a rehab facility last night. After he is sufficiently on his feet again, then starts the decision on what to do about all the tumors on his liver. The doctor stated that those types of tumors that result from a metastasized spread from a cancer in another part of the body, typically respond well to chemo. That is where the real battle will come in that needs prayer; my dad's willingness to go through extraordinary means to prolong his life when what he really wants is to go to his eternal home. All that he has left on this dirt ball is me and my siblings, all his friends and both wives (my mom died young in her 30's of cancer) are already waiting for him. Please continue to pray for the salvation of my brother and sister. Because I live a separated lifestyle with standards based on bible principles, they think I am in some kind a weird cult and they are just waiting for me to drink the koolaid.
  6. My father, who is 80 years old is dying. He has stage 4 colon cancer that has metastasized as well to his liver causing as the doctor stated "more tumors than can be counted" on his liver. Last night he went into emergency surgery because his colon ruptured. Needless to say none of this is operable or curable and prognosis is less than 2 months tops if he survives what happened last night. Now for the good news. My dad has a very solid testimony of salvation and obvious influences of the Holy Spirit in his life. However, my brother Jeff is lost, knows it, and doesn't care. My sister I am not sure about. She says she is saved but her beliefs are modern neo-evangelical "works salvation" since she believes every time you drop a stitch you need to be re-saved. Has never read the bible and has no desire to (which I don't understand if you are truly saved). My prayer is more for my brother and sister than my dad who is at peace with finally going home. Prayer for him would simply be that he passes as comfortably as possible. Bro. Garry In His will. By His power. For His glory.
  7. Nothing like quoting bible principle and immediately being excused from Jury Duty. I simply told them that according to scriptures I can not and will not condemn anyone except by the testimony of two or more direct witnesses regardless of any circumstantial evidence. They asked me to leave so fast it made my head spin.
  8. I store all my food fully processed just above my belt...
  9. Got into a discussion with my friend about sports. Somehow it became a discussion/argument over what sport God likes. I settled it when I said "you can't get past the very first verse in the bible without that being revealed". It says, "In the Big Inning God created...
  10. I failed to mention where we ultimately went. We visited Madison Baptist Church and enjoyed it immensely! We felt right at home in what for us is a HUGE church. In fact we sent and then they picked up as missionaries, Neal and Kelsie Cullers to Taiwan. The Cullers are now at 108% of targeted deputation goal and should be leaving for the field in March 2019!
  11. Unfortunately the ladies "Bible Study" at our church run by the Pastors wife which entails a study SHE does with notes and blanks to fill in. Very little participation in a study by the ladies themselves, there or at home. She is seeking something that will get everyone involved in looking up scriptures, and discussing what they found.
  12. My wife is seeking a study that has a DVD or other visual source (streaming, Youtube, etc.) and then has a workbook to go through during the video and then self work assignments afterwards. Any suggestions would be appreciated. She has tried the "Lifeway" studies with Priscilla Shrier and Beth Moore but has found to many doctrinal errors and issues with them. Bro. Garry
  13. You are exactly right. That canned stuff is "mystery fish" because it sure doesn't taste like fresh caught tuna.
  14. Fresh caught Albacore tuna out from Coos Bay, Oregon. After eating that tuna you wonder if it is really the same fish that you find in cans. I can't eat any canned or bag tuna ever again.
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