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    AVBibleBeliever got a reaction from Ronda in Is God Forcing Me To Marry?   
    hey that happened to me and it was a shock.  So I told the Lord hey this lady doesn't even like me.  so I threw it back into his hands and said.  If she is the one you want me to marry then you have to change her heart.
    10 months later while on a short term mission outreach.  She insisted on talking to me and it turned out God was speaking to her about me.  And for some reason I said all the things she wanted to hear.  A year and a half later we were married and have been for 16 years, the mother of my only three children.
    Requirements for marriage is that he is a Christian.  A Harry Potter fan doesn't sound like a Christian to me.  Not all home schoolers are Christians some are secular libertarians.
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    AVBibleBeliever reacted to wretched in When Is A Non-Baptist A Baptist?   
    You said book full with these two lines
    After 30 years and living all over the world I have yet to see a real New Testament Church.
    The closest I have seen are missionary works in central and south america but absolutely zero in the states.
    The NT Church Operating guide and standards are in the Book of Acts. If anyone knows of one like in the Book of Acts, please share the info.
    The 7 day a week Church where dying to the world and sharing all things common is the standard, praising God and worshipped all day, working to provide for the whole body and not our own ambitions in this nasty world and for entertainment would go out soulwinning.
    The Amish maybe? Nah, they get the sharing all things part down but are clueless to the rest.
    We get the soulwinning down pretty good but are clueless to the rest. Seems even the most fundamental Churches are over adminstered and run like corporations.
    I know we are all set in our ways and American culture to change now and I certainly won't be starting a church myself but can't stop but wonder why noone notices that this maybe why we are so stagnant.
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    AVBibleBeliever reacted to Genevanpreacher in Bread And Wine   
    Most of what AVBB said above, this time, is true.
    [Glad to see some agreement with ya AVBB. It's not that I dislike you, you just seem to be on a different channel than me on Biblical understanding.]
    If we stick to the truth of God in his word, we will not turn into false teachers. The lack of some out there that teach nonsense, IMO, are looking at
    'teachers' to guide what they believe, even when they say they aren't.
    I had a Pastor years ago that I followed to the T in everything biblical, yet as a preacher I was never 'wise enough' (in his thinking) to tell him anything
    that was beyond his own understanding of scripture. He like others like him, think we as men of God 'can't know better' if there are no quotes from a previous
    man of God.
    Follow God and his word, even if there is not another man, woman, or child that sees the scriptures right.
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    AVBibleBeliever got a reaction from Genevanpreacher in What Is Being Taught?   
    When traditions trump truth then error is rife.
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    AVBibleBeliever reacted to ThePilgrim in Hypocrisy Left And Right   
    Here is a table from  Definition of Terms:
    Society and Organization The basic organization of society reflects the worldview of the individuals involved at each level.
    General forms of organization  
    Hierarchy A pyramid-style social and economic control structure. The freedom and authority of one group of individuals is limited by a smaller, more powerful group at the next higher level.
    Bureaucracy The operational levels of a hierarchical control structure, either government or corporate. Success in the organization is based on OBedience and conformity. Collectivist forms of organization
    Communist A theoretical form of Socialism where all individuals are equal, all property is jointly owned, and all decisions are made by consensus of the collective without the need for "the State".
    Socialist A form of Democracy where all property is owned by "the State", and all decisions are made by public committees sometimes known as soviets. Degenerates into an Oligarchy with top-down control via the central committee and the bureaucracy.
    Democracy A system in which the collective will of the majority is considered absolute. Property may be owned collectively or privately. It is dominated by political activists and financial interests who mOBilize majority groups to exercise control over minority groups on specific issues. Degenerates into an Oligarchy as the most successful manipulators consolidate their wealth and position. Individualist forms of organization
    Anarchy A non-hierarchical system in which each individual exercises complete self-government. An ideal and unstable condition that rapidly degenerates into a Democracy for any group larger than a few individuals.
    Republic A system in which a charter defines certain rules and limitations on the will of the majority, safeguarding individual and minority group rights. Most property is owned privately rather than collectively. The upper levels of the hierarchy are selected by and accountable to the public, and their power is limited by the charter. Degenerates into an Oligarchy as the charter is gradually bypassed, and power and property are concentrated.
    Federation A group of Republics acting together for mutual advantage, while maintaining their independent authority. Degenerates into an Empire as the constituent Republics yield power to a central authority which eventually assumes control.
    Capitalist An economic system based on individual ownership of property and capital, compatible with individualist forms of political organization. Tends to degenerate into an elitist system as capital is concentrated into fewer and fewer hands (monopoly capitalism). Elitist forms of organization
      Monarchy A hierarchy where the top level is comprised of a "royal" family which exercises absolute control and owns all property. The upper levels are comprised of "nOBle" families which receive and maintain their titles at the discretion of the royalty. Control and property are passed on to bloodline descendents of these families.
    Oligarchy A hierarchy where the top level is comprised of an elite group of individuals which are united by ideology in addition to family bloodlines. The upper levels are comprised of corporations, foundations and other long-lived entities controlled by this group. Control and property are passed on to group members chosen for their loyalty.
    Fascist A hierarchy which permits a certain degree of "private" business ownership and operation under its oversight, as opposed to a Socialist system where all production is directly owned and controlled by the State.
    Dictatorship A hierarchy where the top level is controlled by a single strongman who maintains his position by force and terror. Tends to collapse due to corruption and lack of internal support. Empire A hierarchy spanning multiple regions. Normally the result of a hostile takeover of one or more weaker entities by a stronger and more aggressive one. The weaker entities may continue to exist as client states without independent authority.
    Totalitarian A rigid hierarchy which is especially intolerant of individual freedom or dissent. Authoritarian A rigid hierarchy under the authority of a single ruler (eg: Emperor, Dictator)
    So looking at the table pick out America's form of government as it is today.
    This table can be found at:http://modernhistoryproject.org/mhp?Article=Definitions
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    AVBibleBeliever got a reaction from PreacherBen in Historians Trace The Earliest Church Labeled "baptist" Back To 1609   
    other than the Bible calling John a Baptist.  and that people were baptized no where in the Bible does Jesus, the 11 or Paul ever say, "the Baptist church" 
    Jesus never said I will build my Baptist church and the gates of hell . . . 
    Paul never said,  Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body's sake, which is the Baptist church:
    Nor the writer of Hebrews say, To the general assembly and Baptist church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect,
    Nor did James say,  Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the Baptist church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:
    Nor did Peter say,  The Baptist church that is at Babylon, elected together with you, saluteth you; and so doth Marcus my son.
    Or John, I wrote unto the Baptist church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not.
    Some say they are of one or the other and Paul said they were being carnal when they divided themselves up even while they were of one body.  Denominations are the dividing up of men among men and that is Carnal.
    We are of one body and are to be of one mind.  This has not taken place since about 200AD
    I will look up the source again but the first mention of "the Baptists" as a group was in a writ of the RC church and is is dated circa 1200AD and out dates any other known source. And they used it as a term of derision for their practice of baptizing only adult believers.  Any baptist who claim they trace Baptist to John the Baptist is in error (Johns baptism was the baptism of the remission of sins not any type of baptism we do today reflects Johns baptism), and no where is secular historical documentations or the Bible is anyone before 1200AD called a baptist.
    But since 48BC if not sooner the believers were called Christians.  First in Antioch by Paul because he wanted the believers to understand the anointing they had of God.  Christ = anointed and -ian = one of another.  we are anointed ones of another, and we have the same power as that other, if only we walked in that understanding.
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    AVBibleBeliever got a reaction from Genevanpreacher in Hypocrisy Left And Right   
    Many people say we have a federal democracy but a better label is Hierarchal Govt.
    we have not had a by the people for the people govt since the mid 1830's.   The original govt setup by the founders only lasted a little less than 50 years before it was reverted back to Hierarchal (Monarchy is a Hierarchal govt).
    the co-equal govt set up by the founders is based on two things that were effectively eliminated 1) co-equal representation, 2) Self ruling States.  Both of these help to keep govt small.
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    AVBibleBeliever got a reaction from beameup in Dispensations   
    You all are silly.  You have fabricated things out of thin air.
    I never said that Jesus was not the Christ or the messiah or the son of God.  You all have ignored what was said and went into a tail spin from which you are not recovering from.
    Jesus is the Christ, he is the Messiah, and he is the son of God but faith in those things in and of themselves do not save anyone today.
    Only faith on his cross saves.  That he died for our sins and was buried, and rose the third day.  that is the gospel of the grace of God
    For those who think his cross is not enough need to meditate on this
    1Cor 2:2 For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.
    Paul could care less about those other things, to him the most important thing was to know Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  that is how important the cross is.
    I never said there was not salvation in or on Jesus Name (as long as the cross is there) but without the cross there is not salvation.  I am still wondering how intelligent people can read into a post what is not there.
    The gospel of the grace of God is in the cross of Jesus Christ alone.  And we are not talking about the pieces of wood either.  You are all mature people and know exactly what the term the "cross" means.  The substitutionary Death for our sins, the burial and resurrection that is what you must have faith in.  Faith in him being the Christ, the Messiah or the Son of God will not save you.  Your salvation is by grace through faith in his work of the cross, plane and simple.  You may know he is those things and holds those titles but those do not save. 
    It is faith in his cross that saves.
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    AVBibleBeliever reacted to weary warrior in Dispensations   
    Actually, doesn't "the Christ" basically mean "the promised one", as in "the promised one that God sent to bring us redemption from our sins"? And "the messiah" means the same thing as well? So if I believe that Jesus is the Christ, am I not believing that he is the Son of God, the one that God promised all the way back in Genesis 3:15 to send to redeem me from my sins? How can I believe this and not believe that I am a sinner and need this redemption?And how can I believe that this historical figure that existed 2000 years ago was the answer to a 6000 year old promise from an unseen God to redeem mankind from their sin, if not by solely by faith? How can I "believe" it and not accept it? And so how in the world is this not resulting in salvation?
    Sometime it almost seems to me like you're trying to split hairs on a bald man just for the sake of having a position no one else has.
    I'm not trying to be ugly, nor am I trying to pick a fight, but your trail surely does double back over top of itself sometimes.
    Just sayin'.
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    AVBibleBeliever got a reaction from Miss Daisy in A Great Job Offered To Me   
    I got the JOB and Centra Health as a CS Tech I.
    Thanks for all your prayers.
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    AVBibleBeliever got a reaction from MountainChristian in A Great Job Offered To Me   
    I got the JOB and Centra Health as a CS Tech I.
    Thanks for all your prayers.
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    AVBibleBeliever got a reaction from John81 in A Great Job Offered To Me   
    I got the JOB and Centra Health as a CS Tech I.
    Thanks for all your prayers.
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    AVBibleBeliever got a reaction from beameup in Dispensations   
    no NIC, stop acting like you know anything concerning what I believe.
    This is what I believe 1Cor 15:3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;
     4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:
    Eph 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
     9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.
     Ro 5:1 ¶ Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:
     Ro 5:9 Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him.
     Ro 8:30 Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.
     Tit 3:7 That being justified by his grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.
    No one, NOT ONE is saved by believing Jesus is the Christ, or believing he is the Messiah or believing he is the son of God.  He may be everyone of those things but those things don't save.
    If any of you got saved by believing Jesus is the son of God, or he is the Christ or the Messiah You are LOST LOST LOST.
    Only belief in the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ on the cross SAVES and gives you eternal life. that he died on that cross for you personally and paid the penalty for your sin and rose again the third day.  that is the gospel of Grace and it is that grace alone through faith that saves.
    The devils know Jesus is Christ, they know he is the son of God, and that he is the Messiah and they believe it all, but they are a lost. 
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    AVBibleBeliever reacted to Calvary in Dispensations   
    I think the idea is form this, Isa 9:7  Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.
    No end to it. To limit it to this earth alone is to limit the increase. That being said, Isaiah 45 would not be negated if other worlds were to be populated. The population of another planet does not necessaarily mean the disoccupation of earth.
    Besides, I know this man well, he would harldy have an issue with you if you disagreed with him on this extremely minor point.
    I will say this, I cannot imagine the Lord employing any means to control the population since his stated purpose to Adam was to be fruitful and multiply. It doesn´t seem to suggest anywhere in the Bible that Adam´s race should only multiply until such time as there is no room
    God bless,
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    AVBibleBeliever got a reaction from Calvary in Dispensations   
    The Millennial Kingdom is not understood fully by many and this video on the Millennial I hope will help some of you to understand  it a little better.

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    AVBibleBeliever got a reaction from Calvary in Dispensations   
    Now I think we can set into the current dispensation of the church.  I pray that you have been watching these and learning if not what some baptist believe but at lest know what is meant so that you would not continue to say we said something we had not said like: "some scriptures are not for us today".  I have not said that.  I have said that certain doctrines were not for us but may have an application for us.  that would mean that those scriptures still had something for us.

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    AVBibleBeliever got a reaction from Calvary in Dispensations   
    go back and read my post it was not a lamblast.
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    AVBibleBeliever got a reaction from beameup in Dispensations   
    Interesting in my own study is that in the gospel books Matthew-John the doctrines for the kingdom are established, then Israel is set aside and romans sets up the doctrines of Salvation through faith alone and the doctrines for the body of Christ. then Hebrew sets up the doctrine for those in the the times of JacOB's Trouble.
    don't take it wrong I did not say there is nothing in any of these books we can't apply or use for us today.  I only pointed out that certain sets of doctrine are established for certain periods of time when God will dispense is Word unto people in those periods.
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    AVBibleBeliever reacted to wretched in Dispensations   
    Ok brother, I do understand your stand on this. I bought it too for 25 years because it really doesn't matter to us now as long as we have been convicted by the Spirit when hearing the Gospel and believed.
    It is the easy way and the lazy way to explain when questions come and I will admit not worth looking into much when sharing the Gospel. You folks win.
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    AVBibleBeliever reacted to beameup in Dispensations   
    Why do you keep referencing Les Feldick?  No one here watches him on a regular basis (except you, it seems).
    He is not King James ONLY, he is KJV preferred, and strongly defends the KJV and discredits other versions.
    He does however correctly point out the division between scripture written TO Jews and that written to the Body of Christ
    (which is more than I can say for many posters).  He definitely discredits the 4th Century Catholic Doctrine of applying
    the Gospels DIRECTLY to the Body of Christ.
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    AVBibleBeliever got a reaction from MountainChristian in Tubalcain's Spark Plug   
    yeap a false teaching tubalcain might have forged brass and Iron swords, Trumpets and Horns, statues and other items from metal but he did not create a spark plug.
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    AVBibleBeliever got a reaction from beameup in Dispensations   
    The questions were geared to help you see that they HAD to ACT on their faith.  All I am asking you is to admit you see that they had to act on their faith, and if they did not what would be the results.  It is not a hard thing to answer but you avoid the answers like the plague.  It staring you right in the face. Hebrew 11 verifies they acted upon their faith otherwise they would not been listed their. 
    So we all know exactly what would have happened if they did not act on their faith on God's word.
    Today all one has to do is believe with the heart.  It was not so with just the few I listed from the OT, faith without works for them was dead unless they acted upon their faith.
    ALL of them are saved because they acted upon their faith.  Not one of them knew about Jesus Christ death burial and resurrection for the forgiveness of sins of individuals for it was not even revealed until Paul.  So up until Paul all faith was verified by their actions.
    Paul never taught that " belief or faith" on Jesus as "the Son of God" got anyone saved.
    Not one of the OT saints I listed in their life time even knew that Jesus Christ was the son of God.
    Does one need to do a physical act of any kind today in order to be saved?  Before you say "confession with the mouth" is a physical act, you are wrong, it is a result of salvation it did not get them saved.  Belief in the heart gave them salvation and that is not a physical but a spiritual thing.
    Demonstrations, acts or works were needed and added from the Genesis up until Act 8 to their faith.  Every instance proves that.  The work did not save but it was needed to verify their faith because God required it under that dispensation of his grace.  I believe that it will be that way again once the church (not the church in the wilderness or the church of the firstborn), when the body of Christ is gathered together unto Jesus in the clouds.
    Faith works and grace are found in every dispensation.  The only difference today is works is a result of Salvation not a prerequisite to prove ones faith as James the bother of John says in the book of James.
    It was not works based salvation but rather faith based salvation works was needed to prove their faith.
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    AVBibleBeliever reacted to wretched in Dispensations   
    Remember NN, I came into this argument late. Nowhere have I (nor anyone else in this thread) stated that keeping the law was necessary nor that works were necessary.
    However it is Scriptural true that prior to the pouring out of the Spirit, any and all true faith was demonstrated by works as opposed to our time in which the Spirit's regeneration is the demonstration of faith in the Gospel.
    The issue also isn't your last statement about stumbling, the issue is that noone in the OT had any idea what you are talking about or the OT would clearly state that somewhere. You are reading hindsight and thinking the idea could be commonly known when it was in fact completely unknown (a mystery). No stumbling, just unknown. Believing God when He showed Himself to man was the only thing known at the time.
    Come on folks, think for yourselves about it and put away the simplistic fairy tales. Salvation as we know it since Pentecost didn't even exist in the OT. Those saints had to stay faithful until death. NOT necessarily workful, but FAITHful.
    Oh and yes, during the tribulation, it will be the same way. There will be no Spirit regeneration, no born again, no saved (as we know it). Those saints will once again have to keep themselves until the day of redemption at death but they too will have the helps of real signs, real visions, real miracles. Not the emotional charismatic BUNK we claim as signs and miracles during our time.
    I know allot to think about when you are used to the whole "it has always been believing in Jesus" nonsense nowhere in the context in God's Word. A few misinterpreted verses taken out of context and shouted over and over and over again by lazy preachers who don't want to really look into it doesn't make true Bible doctrine and history.
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    AVBibleBeliever reacted to wretched in Dispensations   
    I know man, right.
    What is wrong with those people to believe the Bible on this.
    After all Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sara, Issac, JacOB all had the OT to study about Jesus' death, burial and Resurrection or did they? No they didn't.
    What I mean is Moses, Sampson, Rahab and the prophets all had the NT to study of Jesus or did they? No, they didn't.
    In fact, they had only God who revealed Himself to them personally through many signs, visions, dreams and miracles and they believed God and kept believing God and it was counted to them as righteousness. Make no mistake though folks, it was only the signs, visions, wonders and miracles that kept them believing. There was no indwelling Spirit.
    It is after all clearly presented in the OT how each of the above were regenerated by the Holy Spirit and sealed until their day of redemption. Look for yourselves, in the OT books of...books of...wait a minute, it ain't in there anywhere. The NT clearly describes that they looked "forward" in hindsight as written chronologically. Those who looked forward to God's promises at the time had no idea of the details, they just believed God when God told them He would provide redemption for all mankind.
    This overly simplistic view of the Bible is good to keep the lazy, "don't overload me with God's Word" Christians happy and coming I guess. The last thing we want to ever do is make the average Christian think about their faith.
    This ignorant declaration that folks in the OT were ever born again only feeds the enemies of God.
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    AVBibleBeliever got a reaction from MountainChristian in My Safety   
    truly all your prayers were felt as I  ended up working mostly by myself again.
    I was able to pick up one young man but he lasted about 1 and a half hours then he said he had to go.  I don't expect him back so I paid him for his time.
    I ended up getting a manual hoist and pulled it up on the top of the scaffolding then l tied it down.  Once I got the pulley on I hoisted 3 bucket of the rubber coating, 60lbs each up three levels of scaffolding.  tomorrow I will do some flashing in the back, rubber coat a flat area to test how well it will stick.  the pitch is like as steep a this ^.
    It is too bad that sometime in the 30"s it had additions added to it.  It now is a single family home but nothing like it was.  these types of old house should be preserved the Amish architecture needed to be followed and it would be a whole lot nicer.
    Also I was contacted by the DHS-TSA to come take a test on Friday morning.  It is for a TSA position at the local airport here.
    Pray for that as well
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