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  1. Also, what if the step parent treats his biological children differently than the step child and the treatment is not fair? Don't I have a responsibility to my own child?
  2. What if the step father and step child do not have a good relationship? No trust or bond has been formed. What if the husband agrees to leave the decisions to me? Is he relinquishing his role?
  3. As a mother...would I have the final say in decisions regarding my biological child in a blended family or does that go against the authority of the man of the home (step father)?
  4. No Nic: Thanks for sharing the link. I am going to forward it to my sister's email. Maybe she'll listen to it coming from some other than myself.
  5. I went last night and the Assistant Pastor was teaching in Proverbs. They go through a lot of scripture which I really like. I really enjoyed it. It is a very small group. After the service they broke up into smaller groups for personal prayer. This is what I've been looking for. I think I can feel like I belong there and not just someone taking up a seat. I had to kiss a few frogs before I found the prince. LOL. I even wore a skirt. Ha ha. I wanted to start off on the right foot. I did tell them I don't have a lot of dresses and will prOBably wear nice slacks in winter and they were very much ok with that and were sincere. You can just tell. I appreciate everyone on here who gave me advice and prayed for this situation. This is my online church family. :-)
  6. Yes. I already called and left a message to call me back. I want to start off on the right foot. However, I don't have any dresses right now if it is their standard. It will take some time before I can get some.
  7. Yes. I agree. I would adopt to the standard of a dress code as anywhere if there is one. Since I was new to IFB at the time I first started attending, I noticed the women were in skirts so I asked if there was a dress code because I didn't want to feel out of place or offend anyone. The pastor's wife assured me that it was based on one's convictions and I should come as I am. I don't have those convictions and since they told me to come as I am, I didn't conform. They should have told me this is our standard.
  8. I also don't wear dresses. I dress modestly but not in dresses. Can someone be straight forward with me and tell me if this is going to be a prOBlem? No one was ever mean to me about it in the other church but some did look at my legs before my face. It was weird.
  9. Are all IFB's basically the same? I've been to one before and attended for a year. I never felt like I fit in. Most of the congregation were related somehow or grew up together. I tried to become involved and signed up to help in the children's classes when they asked for volunteers but they didn't have me do anything. Not even sure why I was there. I also felt like I wasn't getting any meat. Especially when they separated the women from the men into their own classes. I felt like I was in a 1950's home economics class. They were teaching on how to keep a home. Mostly how to decorate.
  10. Jim: Is the John MacArthur you are referring to the pastor of Grace Community Baptist Church? He has a TV show "Grace to You?" I hear a lot of IFB say things about him like that he teaches Lordship salvation and he is Calvanist. I just ordered some books on the Holy Spirit by Spurgeon but then learned later that he is Calvanist. I'm not well versed on Calvanism but hopefully there is something to be learned by him on other matters.
  11. Is this IFB? I didn't see anywhere that it says that but I may have missed it. I needed another set of eyes. Thanks everyone for replying. I'm going to visit the Baptist church on Wed. It appears that they even have classes for the kids which is hard to find on Wed. services.
  12. How about this one? Never came across this when I searched before. http://www.firstbaptistchurchoc.org/beliefs.htm
  13. What concerned you about the "What We Believe" section?
  14. Also, which video did you look at? I only saw online sermons but I didn't listen to any of them as of yet.
  15. John: What wording were you concerned with? I want to re-read it and see what I missed. Thanks.
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