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  1. That is a very good question, and as the Sabbath is coming, I am retiring from the forums for then, and I hope to come back and speak with you all even more. Truth of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
  2. It was not an attempt to say that John 14:15 "only" applied to the Ten, as it applies to "all" of God's commandments, the Ten Commandments encompassing them, as they are spiritual.
  3. Would you please both mind ceasing from tearing each other, and either remove from this thread and take it eslewhere privately if you desire, or better to please cease? Please again consider the OP.
  4. Acts 2:46, Christians [even as the Jews did] may meet any day of the week {and I do, even with others, at church and in homes, and other settings}, and numerous other texts. That is not in contradiction to Exodus 20:8-11. What is in violation of Exodus 20:8-11 is the tossing away, changing, altering, &c of the commandment to do as God commands therein in regards to the 7th Day, His Sabbath, even as it is called the Sabbath of the Lord thy God.
  5. Would you care to test that, in charity, in another thread?
  6. You have a misunderstanding about the Seventh-day Adventist position. See Acts 2:46.
  7. Brother, Do you notice the words "decree" and "when the test comes"?
  8. Sure, one example of many, John 14:15, then see Exodus 20:6. What specific commandments are being referred to?
  9. Can you read the greek of that text to me? or the English context?
  10. Do you realize brother/sister LindaR, that that website is in error on many points, including the one about Michael? They start out by quoting Canright, not a very wise thing to do.
  11. Hi brother, I am always willing to open my KJV Bible with any to study on any topic, but please let us do so in another thread. May we return to the OP? Have you considered the questions therein? I am most thankful that there are those that allow a voice as mine to raise questions from the Scriptures.
  12. I understand, and I recognize LindaR's picture from another forum. I am unwelcome there also, but I still desire to acutally study the scriptures together.
  13. Could you tell me what is specifcally violated in either 1 or 2? I do not see the violation, if you are referring to the OP.
  14. Brother, at this moment, I am hearing accusations of wrongdoing, but would you please point to the specific rule violated, that I may not do so again? I do not want to unnecessarily offend, only offend where necessary in charity [1 Cor 13], even as the Truth is in Christ Jesus.
  15. The Seventh-day Adventist should never have married outside of the faith, as it is not in God's will {may be demonstrated from Scripture upon request}, and it causes very serious problems, and a drawing away from the faith. Dear sister, I have studied the Scripture amd my prayer is unto God and it was He Himself who delivered me from where and what I was, and has led me step by step. I thank you for the offer, but I must stay with Scripture, rather than a doctrine of the IFB. You are free to ask any questions of me, if you desire to hear firsthand what a Seventh-day Adventist believes.