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  1. hello all my dear friends I haven't been here in quite some time due to my health ,but by Gods wonderful grace I know he's not finished using me for his glory yet giving me victory over my health problems. I've missed the fellowship I've so much enjoyed here with my brothers and sisters in the Lord. it is my desire in my heart that God will grant everyone the health to continue his good works until he calls us home. loving you all with the love of Jesus from my heart. God bless
  2. Donald Trump, can't be trusted. He identifies his policies more as a Democrat. He has always been pro abortion, until recently. He says don't defund planned parenthood. He's pro assault weapon ban. He's for the US Army in Iraqi and for taking their oil. He keeps all the bibles he's given in a special place outside the city ? He only goes to church on Christmas and Easter. He's gone bankrupt four times He has a incoherent set of polices, which on his website is only one. immigration reform. He's self centered, and loves bulling people by his arrogance. He says make America great again. How could this possibly happen with immigration reform.? He's a businessman , mm bush was the first president to have a degree in business.that worked out well. The polls have him leading with 25% yet 53% of registered Republican voters say they would not vote for him.? He's a progressive Republican. Our just maybe he's wolf in sheepskin for the democratic party leading the way for Hillary. He's not got my vote. Ted Cruz is the only candidate that has given his testimony that he is a born again Christian, testifying that Jesus is his Lord and Savior. He's the only candidate that has stood before the government testifying that this Nation needs to turn to Jesus and repent of its sins and stood strong when he was mocked. He's the only candidate that stands for the truth and has fought to reveal the lies of the politicians to the American people . he's the only candidate that has vowed on day one as our president to resend all that Obama and Washington has done to our Nation and bring charges against them, but with the Republican party not liking him it may seem impossible, but all things are possible with God. In Prayer Gods will be done God bless
  3. very interesting about the evangelicals. I wonder if they are talking about Bobby Jindal he says his first religion was Hindu until he became a evangelical catholic ?Scott Walker on the other hand was a SB and the church turned to liberal and joined a nondenominational evangelical church for their daughters sake.? And Ben Carson says he was baptized twice into the seventh day Adventist church.while Jeb Bush ,Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, George Pataki, and Chris Christie are Catholics. Leaving Carly Florina as the only Episcopalian though she's not active in the church but once in a while.Jim Gilmore is a united Methodist, Rick Perry's independent Methodist. Donald Trump and Rand Paul Presbyterians, and Mike Huckabee , Ted Cruz, and Lindsey Graham are Southern Baptist, the other feller (I can't remember his name )he's Anglican. Oh yeah Thomas Jefferson ,raised a Anglican but later had no affiliation with them and is listed only as a Christian. God bless brother
  4. Brother John have you ever though about being a reporter, this very well makes more sense then anything I've read in the news and well put together as well .thanks brother. God bless
  5. MS has for years had hidden folders that collect you data , you would need to be a engineer to configure them to uninstall them but I have found out they don't like you to change their fire wall , I purchased ZoneLabs Business Fire wall for my office computers and MS tried changing back to theirs a few times conflicting with Zone Labs by trying to run the MS fire wall, I use Zone Labs on my personal computers which is free for non business uses and MS tried the same thing a few times, it appears that MS wants you to use the MS fire wall for some reason ? Makes you wonder what their up to.
  6. i don't how long its been since you got this info but I read in PC mag.a couple weeks ago that MS has decided to give win 10 to everyone free. But its only the upgrade not a OEM , if you got the invite you should be able to get thto upgrade MS is sending a tool through your updates it will put a icon on your screen ,when you open it you run it to see if your system can run 10. Once its run the check it will send the info to MS and MS will send you the upgrade via updates when they send it a icon for the download will appear on your screen or your task bar. Click it and you're on your way.the upgrade is nice but I believe the OEM installed in the new computers will be far better it'll have a lot more then the upgrade has. Brother I hope this helped. God Bless
  7. Got that brother, my wife's laptop is less than two years old and the CPU is going bad HP chose to solder the CPU in and not a snap in, my son Justin is Tech and he says it will 300.00 fix. if you're having trouble with your media player open control and at the top you'll see security there a link to open tools,click on it and when the windows opens on the left top corner click "All" this will open a list of tools close to the bottom you see media library click to open when it opens at the bottom left corner check Repair ,click run. It will scan for troubles and repair them. If it can't it tell you what the problem is. It sounds like you may have a corrupt library .if this the case you'll need to reinstalled media player.there's a lot of other tools on the list you should run one is IE, it scan for problems and repair them . Also brother when you did the reinstall of win 7 IE may not have configured right. Which could also be causing some problems.if you try this and it don't work ill try and help you to reset IE and change it to Firefox,. If its not been changed..firefox has some very good tools that will resolve some problems as well.i hope this will get you going good. God bless brother. .
  8. brother if you've got 8.1 you should get the download free, check your updates and you should find it there .when you install the update it will install a icon on your screen ,click on it and it will check your system to see if it is capable to run 10 If it is MS will send you the download. But if your computers older then two years you may won't to look into buying a new one, its sad the money we spend on these things they should be made to last longer then two years, God bless brother
  9. Amen I've read that MS is suppose to have a hot fix for this problem, you may be able to check your updates and find and install it, if you go to MS techs you'll be wasting your time, try Tomshardware if I remember correct this is where I read about these error codes and the hot fix download, I hope this will help you out brother God Bless
  10. thanks for the info brother, God bless
  11. I just got the new windows 10 installed on my wife's laptop ,its very fast and the start button is very nice to have back, it has some new Apps and if you have AMD there's a new upgrade that has very good graphics , I haven't had a lot of time to spend with it yet but like so far. Anyone else got Win 10 and what do you think, any problems etc. God Bless
  12. looking forward to the study again. I'm in prayer that all will go well and many will be blessed. Kindly thanking you brother Alan for taking of your time to share Gods Word with all of us whom hunger in our hearts for Gods Word. God bless brother.
  13. a wolf in sheep skin even the devils. can preach Christ risen.
  14. Thank you brother I did not know this , and I think maybe that's what I've doing , this is a great help God bless and thank you
  15. I have a Acer Chromebook (Google OS)that I've used to visit OLB for the past couple of years which has done fine until lately, but now I'm having a problem when I try to quote to a post. I'll try to explain whats happening, in the Soul winning Form I started a Topic and when I have tried to Quote to Miss Rosie I'm seeing her post appear twice and brother Dan's(NN) post once(NN Said) alone with Her's, I've tried to quote to brother Dan's Post (Miss Rosie's appears with NN) and it does the same thing.when I try quote it appears that the one whom I"m trying quoting to is quoting to me (Miss Rosie : Said ) (NN Said) very confusing. This happened in another topic in which this occurred and it appeared I was using ill intent toward another poster when I tried to quote. (which was very confusing trying to explain because I wasn't seeing the post repeated on my pc) I would like to reply to my brothers and sisters in the Lord by using Quote, because it notifies them, but I will not because I do not want It to appear as I'm using a ill intent toward them. Praying this can be resolved God Bless
  16. ​Brother I'm following along with you in one accord with my bible open, being silent and allowing the word of God to speak to my heart. Continue on Brother, loving you with love of Jesus from my heart
  17. Thank you brother , this has been a wonderful blessing
  18. ​Thanks Brother, I was doing some study on the llluminate a while back and found your post to be correct and very good history lesion to follow up on the links you provided. God Bless
  19. Hello brothers and sisters ''Loving you with the love of Jesus in my heart'' and may God bless your day filled with Joy and Victory

    1. John81


      May the love of God fill our hearts and keep us in harmony in Christ.

    2. EKSmith
  20. while pondering upon the three sided cube I heard the voice of the lord saying Joel Olsteen
  21. Winman read completely through Psalm 51 being lead by the Holly Spirit depending on Him to reveal the truths rightfully dividing the truths of the word of God as I have maybe you will understand I'm not quoting nor interpreting 51: 5 and then maybe you'll not accuse me of not rightly dividing or misinterpreting the word of God. though I'm spirit lead. Also my friend I'm not preaching I'm just giving some correction were it is needed in hopes of a better understanding of the Word of God. God Bless
  22. Thank you very much , I saw were my question was headed and with respect to rOBomac68 thread I removed it trying to get it back on track again. thank you for your kindness God bless
  23. I'm sorry for the question I ask and have removed it, and as I said I wasn't trying to change the topic I was just concern of what someone believes without providing the Word of God. ( both the old and the new testaments ) I believe Pastor Mike post it better than I did and thank him for doing so. God bless
  24. I'm not trying to change the thread but I've been reading a lot of the post here and have a question to ask '' How many here do not believe that the Entire word of God the Holly Bible '' the old and new testaments are written for our us today ? . Just a bit concerned of what I'm reading. I'm seeing a lot of what one believes and not what the word of Gods Says. God bless
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