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  1. looking forward to the study again. I'm in prayer that all will go well and many will be blessed. Kindly thanking you brother Alan for taking of your time to share Gods Word with all of us whom hunger in our hearts for Gods Word. God bless brother.
  2. Thank you brother I did not know this , and I think maybe that's what I've doing , this is a great help God bless and thank you
  3. I have a Acer Chromebook (Google OS)that I've used to visit OLB for the past couple of years which has done fine until lately, but now I'm having a problem when I try to quote to a post. I'll try to explain whats happening, in the Soul winning Form I started a Topic and when I have tried to Quote to Miss Rosie I'm seeing her post appear twice and brother Dan's(NN) post once(NN Said) alone with Her's, I've tried to quote to brother Dan's Post (Miss Rosie's appears with NN) and it does the same thing.when I try quote it appears that the one whom I"m trying quoting to is quoting to me (Miss Rosie : Said ) (NN Said) very confusing. This happened in another topic in which this occurred and it appeared I was using ill intent toward another poster when I tried to quote. (which was very confusing trying to explain because I wasn't seeing the post repeated on my pc) I would like to reply to my brothers and sisters in the Lord by using Quote, because it notifies them, but I will not because I do not want It to appear as I'm using a ill intent toward them. Praying this can be resolved God Bless
  4. ​Brother I'm following along with you in one accord with my bible open, being silent and allowing the word of God to speak to my heart. Continue on Brother, loving you with love of Jesus from my heart
  5. Thank you brother , this has been a wonderful blessing
  6. ​Thanks Brother, I was doing some study on the llluminate a while back and found your post to be correct and very good history lesion to follow up on the links you provided. God Bless
  7. while pondering upon the three sided cube I heard the voice of the lord saying Joel Olsteen
  8. Winman read completely through Psalm 51 being lead by the Holly Spirit depending on Him to reveal the truths rightfully dividing the truths of the word of God as I have maybe you will understand I'm not quoting nor interpreting 51: 5 and then maybe you'll not accuse me of not rightly dividing or misinterpreting the word of God. though I'm spirit lead. Also my friend I'm not preaching I'm just giving some correction were it is needed in hopes of a better understanding of the Word of God. God Bless
  9. Thank you very much , I saw were my question was headed and with respect to rOBomac68 thread I removed it trying to get it back on track again. thank you for your kindness God bless
  10. I'm sorry for the question I ask and have removed it, and as I said I wasn't trying to change the topic I was just concern of what someone believes without providing the Word of God. ( both the old and the new testaments ) I believe Pastor Mike post it better than I did and thank him for doing so. God bless
  11. I'm not trying to change the thread but I've been reading a lot of the post here and have a question to ask '' How many here do not believe that the Entire word of God the Holly Bible '' the old and new testaments are written for our us today ? . Just a bit concerned of what I'm reading. I'm seeing a lot of what one believes and not what the word of Gods Says. God bless
  12. lets search the scriptures together my friend I think you will find a lot of what you say is wrong , what you have posted does not prove your point and you have misunderstood Gods word.
  13. would you give scripture from the word of God proving what you believe
  14. I have only seen what you believe and not what the word of God says would you post scripture backing what you believe
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