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  1. May the Lord be gracious to you and your family on your birthday.

    1. Alan


      Happy Birthday! May God bless you and yours. 🎂

  2. hello all my dear friends I haven't been here in quite some time due to my health ,but by Gods wonderful grace I know he's not finished using me for his glory yet giving me victory over my health problems. I've missed the fellowship I've so much enjoyed here with my brothers and sisters in the Lord. it is my desire in my heart that God will grant everyone the health to continue his good works until he calls us home. loving you all with the love of Jesus from my heart. God bless
  3. Sister I hope not to bother you as I know you're with your mother, just letting you know I'm in prayer, please let us know how your mothers doing when you can. God bless Sister
  4. Praise the Lord for this tent revival for the many that have been saved, praying that many more will be saved God bless
  5. Congratulations brother. Oh how wonderful it will be in Heaven with her for eternity. God bless brother
  6. Setting aside politics and promises of the candidates have we taken time to look at what is really important their lives as Christians , some claim to be Christian but have they given any testimony trusting in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, have they shown any Christian virtues , have they shown any good fruit of the Christian life, and do they stand upon the truths of Gods Holly Word allowing God to lead his way. We should search out each candidate and if ones found to be a born again Christian trusting in Jesus as there Lord and Savior we should remember they are subject to the same faults and temptations as we are and support them in prayer. We should also seek out the Christian in congress and the senate and be in prayer for them as they fight against the evils in Washington and abroad. Praying always for those whom have authority over us that there may be peace between us. God bless
  7. Thank you brother Mike ,it is indeed a very sad situation when this happens. God bless Brother
  8. Thank you kindly Pastor Mike I agree entirely with you, this is exactly what happen with the deacons and by what they did caused division within the church and many to leave for this reason. But as far as the relationship in the marriage I don't know, I could only view this within my own marriage there has been many times I've spent many hours in study and prayer preparing to teach and many times I've been away from my home working the mission fields as a youth pastor and other ministries. Neglecting my duties as a husband to my wife but she has been faithful and obedient to the word of God always. So just as any Pastor would have to do the same in his ministry so should his wife be faithful and obedient obeying the word of God . this would be the case of the Pastor in which I'm speaking of .yet his wife was disobedient to the word of God and committed adultery and yet the charge was laided against him as being guilty for her sin of adultery by the deacons of the church overriding his authority. For this cause I believe the pastor needs to usurp his authority over the church in which he is called to lead not allowing deacons or any others (Members) to take of his authority and abuse it as it was done in this case as no evidence was presented against the Pastor before the church and he was unjustly fired by the deacons for the sins of his wife. I have thought about this Brother Mike could the Pastor now be fired for the sins of a member committing adultery that he's unaware of being accused by deacons of not rightly keeping Gods Church in order, Just a thought though. God bless Borther
  9. thank you very much Pastor Scott ,I'll be in prayer that my post may not lead to contentions but to the edifying of our Lord Jesus Christ that others my learn and Glorify His Name. In prayer that the Rss feeds will be repaired. God bless
  10. My first to visit your website I saw alot that I would like to study I've got you in my favorites and will visit often if you're having trouble with your RSS autofeed and it works fine here then I'll be here to listen, I have begin the study " I Have set the a Watchman" from the PDF file, and there may be some questions I may need to ask and discuss some of the study with you ,I know you're very busy in the Lords work. Should I PM you or post here or if I can post on your website can you direct me to where I would need to post/comment . Thank you kindly Pastor God bless
  11. Praising you lord for my brothers and sisters here when I'm on my knees lifting them up to you in prayer Praising you Lord for the fellowship and love we share together in your wonderful Word Praising you Lord that soon we'll be with You in Heaven Shouting Glory Glory unto Your Precious Name. Humble my heart O'Lord that I may praise You More. Amen
  12. Ian thank for the update on your brother that I may continue to pray for his salvation and full recovery, I'll also be in prayer for Jola May the Lord comfort the hearts of you and your family with His wonderful peace. God bless brother
  13. don't you be afraid sister the Lord will be there with you and your mother guiding the doctors hands , if you know the time of the surgery please let me know so that I may be in prayer for your mother. May the Lord comfort you heart with His wonderful peace. God bless
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