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  1. Naaaah! Forget it, last time we discussed this, immature "Christians" lit up phones and email at my church. Oh yeah and posted names of elders at my church, real nice
  2. I know what he is saying. I'm just trying to get him to admit that he never read the book and that he can't get past the title, even though Piper explains it perfectly
  3. I'm praying right now Wretched that God open your eyes and reveal what He has shown me, bro, Jesus is so wonderful, His Grace, His Love, His Mercy!!!!
  4. Here's the point YOU intentionally missed! The Word became flesh, lived a perfect life,shed blood for my sins, died a cruel death on a cross, and raised three days later for my justification!! Along the they way the Pharisees hated Him because Jesus pointed out their hypocracy. For their adherence to the Law and having no compassion. He called them vipers, open graves, and thy scorned Jesus because he ate with, dare I say it? Sinners!!!!! You know them, they lowly, the meek. And the Pharisees hated him more. Jesus showed them their hypocracy. They said John the Baptist didn't eat it drink wi
  5. I'm ignorant, why don't you let me in on the secret?
  6. No prOBlem with what you wrote Mike, makes sense. But; how do you reconcile John 15:16 or Eph 1:4?
  7. It can be both, I have liberal tendacies and conservative tendacies, nOBody is all the same and you are lying to yourself if you think you do! As for your warning, go ahead! It proves to me what I learned about IFB's after I left; isolationist who hide from the world rather than try and win it for The Lord.
  8. So you cant be a liberal and be a IFB?? really?? do you see that in Scripture? Isnt God liberal with His mercy and grace and love?? By the very fact that He saved you, show that He has a liberal side?
  9. For 20 yrs, I have given my "testimony " here before.
  10. this statement makes no sense, If I didnt want to follow Christ, i would intentionally avoid this place, I live for him and I am here, so how do you explain that? BTW, and who is avoiding what?? do you ask yourself this question?? who is the one avoiding issues??
  11. First off, your not holy for what you do, will do or desire or will, It's Christ, death, burial and Resurrection that makes us holy Second, your quote,.."grace" to live as they please., I don't think you understand what grace is and how believers react to it. First, If you read my post, I say that from what I was exposed to is what i base my experiences on, many on this very site have been gracious and Christlike towards me, Candle Light;Salyan: Happy Christian: UkuleleMike,... I agree. My best friend is IFB; He is closer to me than my own flesh and blood brother.....we
  12. It's called Goth, kids wear make up that gives them a pale appearance along with dark eye shadow and dark nail polish
  13. What would those lustful living issues be Dave?
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