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  1. Jordan Kurecki's post in The Morality Behind Christian Women Wearing Pants was marked as the answer   
    Personally, Pants tends to draw the attention of men's eye to the woman thighs and bottom. I will say however i much more prefer loose pants than a short skirt no a lady, however I would prefer NEITHER. I do not really feel comfortable with woman wearing pants, I do think they blur somewhat of the distinction between the sexes, however our culture is changing and though my preference is against them, I have a hard time with my own conscience to condemn pants from scripture. 
    Modesty is definitely an attitude, but that attitude should manifest itself in the way one dresses. I detest when people who are selfish and just want to dress their own way use the "modesty is a heart thing" excuse. Not that anyone here is necessarily doing that. Every issue is a heart issue, but the heart issue manifests itself in many ways. 
    I have noticed also however that dresses and skirts on Christian women are becoming thinner and more form fitting... the other day I was at a Baptist Church and young teenage girl was wearing a long skirt that was tight and EXTREMELY thin, in fact it was so thin and tightthat anyone could see the outlines of her underwear and  basically see all the contours of her bottom. I find that very troubling. 
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