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  1. It is my understanding that KJV translators were exceptionally fluent in the Hebrew/Greek/Aramaic languages, in additional to many other languages.   Translating in context and not just by each individual words I would assume takes a great deal of understanding in determining a good translation in the first place.  It is my understanding that modern day translators are not fluent in the languages and cannot even compare to the KJV translators of that day.   I don't believe we should try to translate ourselves, especially if we are not fluent in these languages.  

    1. Jordan Kurecki

      Jordan Kurecki

      Well that's your opinion. I personally have found Greek and Hebrew to be helpful in some places where the English is unclear.

      Also, certain languages include features that Greek and Hebrew had, for example in Greek and Hebrew verbs have gender, like Spanish.  If you were translating into a language that had gender in it's verbs, you would HAVE to look to the Hebrew and Greek in order to have an accurate translation. 

      I am working on a Master's Degree in Biblical Languages to utilize Hebrew and Greek for my own personal understanding of the word of God and also for possibly doing translation work for an unreached people group that I am working with. 

      I don't claim that I'll ever be on par with the KJV translators, but that doesn't mean I cannot utilize Hebrew and Greek. 

      I also have training in linguistics. 

      I honestly am not sure why exactly you decided to post this on my page? 

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