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  1. I listen quite a bit to SverigesRadio P2, which is a Swedish version of BBC3. Actually, BBC3 is a Brit version of P2. On-air classical programming here in northern Wisconsin is limited to Public Radio.
  2. BBC 3 is good programming. One of my favorites.
  3. If you want to make doctrine or denomination a requirement before listening, you'll be looking for a long time.
  4. I hope that you are right, but it was still a poor choice of phrase. In a publicly-viewable forum, our words should be chosen carefully to avoid confusion and to reflect our faith in a desirable light. We do not know who is OBserving and seeking out what we have. I do not care about others' personal squabbles that do not involve me. It is between the three of you.
  5. (My italics) A poor choice of an expression. One would hope that there would be more care taken with Our Lord's Name than this.
  6. Understood the post the same way.
  7. Why? Tradition, personal preference, and indoctrination.
  8. Are the other countries of North and South America also his kingdom, or does the U.S. need to conquer them first? People have been trying to fit the U.S. into Biblical prophecy for years...
  9. Not so sure questioning teaching is a bad thing. Generally I do not think that it is rebellious, but prudent. Acceptance without verification through Scripture makes one vulnerable to false doctrines. As for questioning something "clearly godly"... again, prudence. How is one to know what is Godly unless one checks? Simply because a point is taught as Godly does not make it so. Compare teaching to Scripture. Never take the pastor's word for it without checking for yourself. Finally: The OBservation about motives behind questions. Incredible insight displayed...
  10. NOBody is immune to burnout, especially those whose jOBs (yes, pastoring is a jOB) require 24/7 availability.
  11. I do the same thing... until Mrs. Arbo scolds me. Drives her nuts.
  12. A number of weeks ago, I asked the question if non-IFB types were welcome here. Though most people seemed tolerant, there were a few who answered in the negative. If memory serves me correctly, one even left because of our participation on this site. This us-against-them attitude that some openly display is unfortunate.
  13. Thought they had pastors, too. Didn't you once say that you were kicked out of your church because of an ongoing prOBlem with your pastor? Carrying a bit of a chip on the shoulder?
  14. No, I am not. I defined what I meant. If I were to make an assumption, I would say, "Miss Daisy (or whoever else), you don't need ..."
  15. Is it just my own impression, or do Baptists belong to that little group that is easier to tweak than most?
  16. I don't buy it. His errors are too inconsistent.
  17. Really? A serious question answered with this? I am not sure if this is an amateurish attempt at comedy or if you are mocking me for asking my question. I am surprised that you haven't been labeled a troll yet.
  18. "Don't need it" = not in pain or not medically necessary.
  19. This thread has been an eye-opener, and not in a positive sense.
  20. Actually it reinforces what I have been thinking.
  21. Had a thought regarding people prescribed a pain medication that makes them "Loopy" (cannot think of a better word in English): Is such a person violating the principle against drunkenness/intoxication? I am speaking of post-operative or palliative medication, not someone who is addicted but does not need it. Opinions?
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