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  1. You do realize that he has his own forum site, right? Ed to add: Do you realize how insulting toward the present mods your comment comes across as?
  2. Zwei. How long before someone OBjects to us counting in tongues?
  3. Think you can get more than four replies out of him this time?
  4. Perhaps those people should be dealt with individually, and the IFB folks who want to banish us who did not "check the box" ought to be content with that.
  5. The sad thing is that many, if not most, do not give a thought about it before posting. I think that it plays into the Devil's hands.
  6. Agree. It is a shame that some behave on a publicly-viewable website in a manner that would cause embarrassment if done in person.
  7. It is also because of people (IFBs incuded) who stir the pot.
  8. Can someone explain what the purpose of the protected forums is? As I understand the policy of this site, non-IFBers are accepted for membership, with a reserved area set aside for IFBers only. Those who do not describe themselves as IFB are becoming increasingly unwelcome. Many who are IFB want the exclusivity of the protected forums extended to the rest of the site, even with their segregated area. What am I missing?
  9. Some act as if it only depends on whether or not the "IFB" box in one's profile is checked, regardless of belief.
  10. A good example of why I stay out of theological discussions.
  11. I cannot say that I have OBserved Bro Matt and the other admins/mods promoting heresy. If you think that they are running things improperly and are guilty because of it, perhaps you should promote your forum site more aggressively. This site is open to non-IFB Baptists , with provision made for IFBrs-only. It is too bad that some have prOBlems with that. It is also too bad that IFB is not formally defined.
  12. Confronting a threat (to proper doctrine) in another's house is one thing. Publicly criticizing the owner is another- that would be better done privately. That's my point.
  13. Perhaps privately to the owner of the house. Not publicly.
  14. And you, as a guest, apparently have no prOBlem complaining publicly about said house.
  15. You said that opinions were welcomed. It is unfortunate that you see the need to leave so soon after joining.
  16. Had I meant that it was the funniest, I would have said so.
  17. That is the dumbest thing I have read today.
  18. Feeling bitter, eh? What difference does it make if people have different standards for music than you? Lighten up.
  19. Makes as much sense as most of his other posts.
  20. And tell them to let it "mellow if it is yellow".
  21. Hello. There are some here who take exception to non-IFB people participating on this site, but most are welcoming. Different people with different views. Live and let live, I say. Opinion, since you asked: My initial impression is that you seem to have an agenda. Simply said, play nice and others will too. Insult people's convictions and pick fights and you prOBably will not be viewed as favorably as someone without a chip on their shoulder.
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