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  1. Admins- I am receiving unwanted email notifications from this site. I cannot seem to get it stopped via the Notification Settings. Please delete my account. I am no longer active. Thanks and Cheers.
  2. Agree. I think some of the IFB standards pertaining to hairstyles are outside the scope of what is mentioned in Scripture. Not that the standards themselves are wrong, but labeling as Biblical what is not in it smells of adding to what is actually written.
  3. I suppose that you desire an "All Hail".
  4. Sorry HC, I won... for a few minutes at least.
  5. ABBA. Forty years later and I still feel a need to apologize for exporting that... Sweden is known for ABBA like Italy is known for the mafia.
  6. No one's willing to admit to listening to disco?
  7. Zwei. How long before someone OBjects to us counting in tongues?
  8. I do not see mine. Grey-and-white pictures must not be acceptable.
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