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  1. This topic is not to say one should not rebuke, reprove and exhort. It is the manner in which one goes about doing it whether tears someone down or lifts them up.
  2. Yes. My groans usually lead to crying though. :-( So when I'm that deep in despair that is what it means the HS intercedes? Awesome!
  3. Ok...I'm wrapping my head around it. What does it mean when the Spirit groans with words that can't be expressed"? (Paraphrasing)
  4. Yeah...the charismatics refer to praying in the HS as speaking in tongues. I'm trying to figure out the correct application.
  5. How so? I'm just curious as I am still learning this. Thanks.
  6. Can anyone enlighten me as to what exactly does that mean?
  7. I was corrected regarding the KJV. Steve Schwenke lovingly shared scripture and respectfully asked me to consider. I could tell he really cared and now I am a KJV believer. I will share with others in the same way he shared with me.
  8. I agree. People have stood by the "correcting, refuting, rebuking" scripture to justify proving themselves right rather than trying to help someone.
  9. Christians can use scripture to correct for instruction and doctrine but there is a proper way and the reason for this thread. Instruct, don't argue. Correct, don't criticize. I am including myself as I have allowed myself to argue. The person doing the correcting needs to remember their own shortcomings.
  10. I want to be clear as to my intentions for posting this thread. It is not because of what happened in one particular thread or between particular people but multiple threads and multiple people I have been involved with and in and some I have not. In the short time I've been on this forum, several threads had to be locked. I think we all need this post as a reminder that we are having discussions with other brothers and sisters and we should treat them as such.
  11. My goal is not to win. I posted this thread for myself so I can be in the right attitude when discussing topics. I'm sorry but some people do make personal assaults on others on this forum so how do you not take that personally?
  12. For anyone reading this and may have read the thread on alcohol, which is now locked, can honestly say I was promoting alcohol? I said I don't drink nor did I condone getting drunk. Anyway, this thread is not about alcohol so I will not speak on that anymore.
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