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  1. What and Why? 6/23/02 Today is Sunday It’s the Lord’s day Time to try and protect your soul And worship his name God must have a plan Something I still must do What, I just don’t know I should have been killed Why that truck hit me on that road I’ve a feeling my task Concerns people living in the street Maybe my poems of street life And hard times Are the key to what I need. This is a new skill I just didn’t know I had I just started writing one day Around my birthday, It’s a puzzle that I have to solve. It stays in the front of my mind It’s all I think of The Lord will let me know, In His own way All I know to do Is be patient And pray.
  2. Homeless Blues 3/21/02 When you’ve gotten trampled by the hand life dealt you, at first you cry, why me, oh woe is me. You wonder why with your mind all boggled, why you were sent all this trouble, you feel forsaken and wish it would stop, maybe God wants to see if you’ll flip or flop. You learn to make do, learn harsh lessons from the streets, these rules ain’t written in books, some are hard to conceive. The sad part is, you get used to the life, you kinda forget how it used to be like, the past seems like a dream, so far away, so you live by three rules to help you make it through each day… 1.Don’t lie, cheat, or steal, this is not the way, your days are much better without this pain. 2. Do onto others as you hope they’ll do unto you, 3. And keep our Lord as close as you can, and pray. He’ll watch over you. It’s not very hard to end up this way. More good people are added to the streets each day. Please don’t shun them for being this way, for you are truly closer than you think to being the same. Thank you, and Good Day.
  3. This was written when I was homeless after the first time I got hit by a car. But before the second time that I got hit by a car. I dated my witings to keep track of my feelings. 8/7/02 Traveling through these hard times, when life sent along rough rides Makes you wonder why God wants you to learn how different types of people will try and make you burn. Seems all that you really have are the values learned as a child When growing from small, parents should have taught you right from wrong: how to get along, share and show compassion. Giving tools, praying you will make good decisions. But you seem to find you spent not the time to learn how to get by when meanness arrives at your side. Then you are pressed, put into a bind, you must make snap decisions, to try and survive. I’ve never had the wit to catch evil by surprise. I always end up in a tough bind, usually happy to survive I’m torn by what to do. My heart would be shattered if I hurt them like I want to. But I can’t live like this anymore, I almost died this last time, this is for sure. God, you need to show me what it is you want from me, I need a plan to show the path I must go ! I feel so lost, so all alone, I know I screwed away much of the life you gave to me. But I’m proud you chose to give me another try I need a strong helping hand, for alone this quest is as much as dead. My hard-headed ways, Always sent me the wrong way. I know in my heart, If left alone in this new start, we’ll meet sooner than should be. There’s too much love left in me to be wasted, not used, especially at this time. Mankind needs all it can find, to survive, Your love, it seems to me, is in great Need. The world is trying to erupt. This is not how we should be. Will You please help us learn the way to live in peace? Life is very tough for a person like me I guess wrong decisions that seemed right at the time, Not knowing better, put my life in this bind. So I trudge along each day, praying in my own way, that one day I will find, love that will satisfy, and make me feel whole. You know what I need the most. Please help me realize, how to truly open and let you in, I’ve tried, but been denied, the Holy Ghost I need to find, Before my life reaches the end, Amen.
  4. “Questions about promises” From the beginning of our lives we’re taught from our parents, teachers and mentors, the rules we’ll need to be accepted in society. What bills we must pay, the hours we must work, and how much free time we’re allowed. Like parts in this great machine, this should make us happy, but Parts break I done as I was taught, Doing and caring for all those around in my life, with little needs or wants for myself. Eighteen years , many fortunes given, Time spent in worry, aggravation and constant pressure for more from those close to me. All good things must come to an end, the free train came to an end. Then you must learn to make your own self happy And content with who and how you are, not how others try and tell you what makes you happy. Listen , learn and obey the laws This will help your travels thru life. And when your life is over, and all is said and done, all that’s left is what was done wrong and what was done right. Then God will judge our life what was done well and what was not. During our time from the End to the Start If along the way you ask Jesus to save and forgive, acknowledging crucifixion was the price He paid for our sin, to get another chance to try and do right My question is, how are you judged after you’ve forgotten your promise, Will God forgive twice? The answer is Matthew, Chapter 18, verse 22: “Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.”

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