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    I have been divorced for almost 7 years & have never got over it & it just gets so much worse with ever passing day. I was married close to 40 years. I know that I still love him with all my heart & soul & I feel he still loves me also. I so badly want to have a marriage with my ex-husband but I also know it has to be within God's will or it would never ever work & I only want His will in my life. I so bad want His will to be what I am wanting but I'm a born again child of God & I know it has to be His divine will or everything fails
  2. Where is the verse in the bible that tells us we should respect God's house by the way we dress. I think there is a verse which states we are to respect His house by not wearing shorts & so forth
  3. Hello, My name is Janice. I am a independent Baptist. I only read & study from the King's James version bible.I grew up very early on learning & being taught about God's love, grace & mercy for all & His great forgiveness & the greatest sacrifice ever which was His only Son whom died upon that cruel cross of Calvary for all sinners & that they all would one day accept Him as their Lord & Saviour & ask Him into their hearts believing so as to call Heaven their eternal home one day. My father was a Independent Baptist minister as long as I could remember & my mother was always right there working with my father as he served in his ministry. So very early on I learned about God, His love & forgiveness for all.
  4. Hello, my name is Janice & I have just now joined Online Baptist. I grew up in a very christian home hearing & learning very early on about God's word & the greatest sacrifice ever given which was His only son to die a cruel death upon the Cross of Calvary for each & everyone of us. Such a free gift if only we accept it into our hearts & souls, no gift will ever be as free & wonderful just knowing that one day Heaven will be our eternal home forever sitting at the feet of our precious Lord & Saviour. I am so thankful for my free gift of eternal salvation & I am so thankful that all my children & grandchildren have accepted God into their hearts. My youngest who is 12 asked God into his heart just last month . Thankful that God is so loving & very forgiving !

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