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  1. Praise God for faithful soul winners.
  2. Amen. We also live outside Cleveland.
  3. Just curious if anyone has seen Ray Comfort's Noah's Ark? In my mind, a great witnessing tool.
  4. Thank you guys much. I found some of his books on Amazon. Just catching a glance, his "Simple Studies..." (kindle books) look to be really good. I've gathered this much about him, he leaned toward "fundamentalism".
  5. Anyone familiar with William L. Pettingill? I know that he pastored the First Baptist Church located in New York City. He followed I.M. Haldeman in the pastorate there as well. Other than that, I wonder if anyone is familar with him and his body of work...
  6. Our Lord opened up a jail ministry for me about two years ago. I can tell you it is a special time each Sunday afternoon. Sometimes I may have one, or I may have as many as 11, but God never fails to show up. Souls are saved EVERY week! It's just me and our Lord and when it comes to decision time God blesses.
  7. Thank you for the welcomes. How far south of Cleveland do you guys live?
  8. I just want to take a moment and introduce myself. My name is James Rice and its a pure joy to be a part of this wonderful community of Bible believing Baptist. God bless you all.
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