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  1. I could use some guidance. While I agree with many, many wonderful convictions of the "IFB" church. I am struggling with a lot of practices in the church, and really don't know If I "fit in" with anyone. Which on some levels is a bit depressing. Im annoyed with hobby horse preaching (Just preach the text please!). There is no doubt there are way too many scandals that are recorded in the IFB. Im tired of everytime I say I go to an IFB church and I believe in preservation, the first thought someone comes to is a youtube video of some preacher saying Homosexuals will never be able to repent.... You can't say IFB without someone equivocating that anymore into something completely opposite of how a redeemed people should be treating a fallen world. Just struggling with this whole denomination. However, to where do I go? SBC? While decent I don't believe in an overarching body. Plus as a KJV guy Ill be mocked at the door. "Evangelical"? well im not reformed. Weslyan? well I believe God keeps His children safe....


    1. John Young

      John Young

      You have to remember that every IFB church is different and independent of each other. It can decribe a movement of independent Baptist churches at most but it is not a denomination. Independent Fundamental Baptist is a description that any independent baptist can use or not as they wish to identify themselves. I typically tell people that we are an Independent Baptist Church. The Fundamental moniker I typically reserve for other Baptist who want to know "what type".

      If you look around you'll probably find a conservative Baptist church that you can feel at home in but if not there are also some independent bible churches that use KJV as well which hold to the same baptist faith as many IFB but without the "stigma" of the title. I also heard some Calvary Chapels are good but I have never been to one.

    2. Alan



      IFB churches are independent churches; it is not a denomination. What Hyles, Ruckman, Anderson, Waite, etc... has no bearing on me nor the church I stated nor my home church. I imagine you have attended, or am currently attending, an IFB church that may not preach from the scriptures as much as you think he should. I do not know. None of the churches that I attended, or started (I have started four churches), uses none of the material of these men.

      I do know that the problems of the various IFB churches that I hear from other brethren here on OnLine Baptist is, in my opinion, exaggerated.

      The devotions that I have written here on OnLine Baptist, along with the studies that I have written, are mostly sermons and teachings from our Sunday school at the church that I started and currently the pastor of. If you look closely, you will see that all (or mostly all), of them are textual, with very little reference to some of the problems that you mentioned. From the IFB churches that I have attended, these textual messages (with very little hobby horse material), is standard fare. 

      It is my hope that that Lord gives you wisdom and guidance in you life.



    3. Salyan


      Come on up to Canada - up here, no one knows what you mean when you say IFB - therefore, there are no previous misconceptions. :D

      Seriously, though, each church is different. I've no doubt there are 'hobby horse' preachers - but there are also an awful lot of simple expository preachers (I could name you a dozen in this area off the top of my hat - and we've got about 1 church every 2 hours!). Keep looking. 

      Not that I want to encourage you to go Evangelical, but just to set the record straight, not all Evangelical churches are Reformed (I actually don't know any that are?). The problems with those churches are that they gave up on standing firm on good doctrine long ago, and now they are quite wishy-washy - they don't know how and when to stand. 

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