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    Finding balance is a difficult road because it requires us to practice Biblical Church Discipline. That is tough when your head deacon is “sharp” in his financial dealings, or when your church secretary (that everyone loves) is also Queen Gossip. It is simple to keep an LBGT out.
    And we really need to get think Biblically. I suppose you are welcoming of ALL, but just as nit-picky as can be who is allowed to formally join and serve. And our problem likely originates in the 5 minute professions we rack up as we beat the doors of the neighborhood down. If a pastor has never been burned by some instant convert someone made a deacon the next week, then they just haven’t lived long enough.
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    Spd1275 reacted to Pastor Scott Markle in Kingdom of Heaven vs Kingdom of God   
    I hold that the phrases are interchangeable.
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