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  1. Finding balance is a difficult road because it requires us to practice Biblical Church Discipline. That is tough when your head deacon is “sharp” in his financial dealings, or when your church secretary (that everyone loves) is also Queen Gossip. It is simple to keep an LBGT out. And we really need to get think Biblically. I suppose you are welcoming of ALL, but just as nit-picky as can be who is allowed to formally join and serve. And our problem likely originates in the 5 minute professions we rack up as we beat the doors of the neighborhood down. If a pastor has never been burned by so
  2. Weary Warrior, thank you for responding. Of course sin has consequence. Always. I grew up in a church that relegated the divorced/remarried to a back row. Regardless of their own guilt, they were branded and tarnished forever. Of course those who passed judgement were the gossips, strict legalisms and probably unsaved membership. i am sorry you have never met a happily 2ndmarriage couple tho. I happen to be one of those. Ya see, I was a pastor, and I fell. That was 25 years ago. I have not preached since, nor would I. But I later did remarry, and we celebrate 25 years in a few months.
  3. Is there no room in the marriage room for mercy, repentance, forgiveness or grace? For IBs to place marriage into a topic which is so hard and fast that all prohibitions and labels always apply actually gives Seventh Day Adventist arguments for an unchanging Sabbath validity.
  4. I live west of Melbourne 1.5 hours. There is one single IFB church in the area, which I have visited. Wow. My wife and I arrived early, and lingered after it was over. One elderly person looked me in the eye, while another younger man spoke and said “excuse me” after bumping in to me. No greeting from anyone. No nothing. NADA. As a former pastor, I recognized the sermon outline as likely being from a free online sermon pack. The music was rushed. I don’t know, but it seemed it was a group of folks going thru the motions. We visited the Baptist Union churches around and had similar ex
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