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  1. Here comes the rain again, don't wash you car... :)

    1. Salyan


      Who needs to wash your car when the rain'll do it for you? ;-)

    2. John81
  2. Thank you very much, to all the Veterans and for those that are serving or have served. God Bless... TGL

  3. Hi... All Updates... ?

  4. Which came first the chicken or the egg?

    1. The Glory Land

      The Glory Land

      Easy, God made the chicken then the roster, and after the egg came.

    2. HappyChristian
  5. Try baking your chicken, stay away from frying meats, live longer. :)

  6. 1+1=3 Father Son and the Holy Spirit

  7. Pay what you owe, get out of debt and live free... :)

  8. I find no fault in Him

  9. Why Work? If the Government can give it to me free... :)

  10. Try saying thank you once in a while, it's pretty cool... :)

    1. Galations 2:20

      Galations 2:20

      Why thank you for the reminder to be gracious!

  11. This is the day that the Lord has made, I will be happy and glad in it.

  12. Have a nice day in church today, not computer church? Arise and go, don't be a lazzy christian. :)

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    2. candlelight


      I slept most of the day, yesterday. I am feeling much better today. I still have the cough and cold, but the body aches are gone. Yeah!

    3. The Glory Land
    4. candlelight


      Thanks, TGL. I took some Mucinex and slept some today, too.

  13. It's almost diet time again.... 2014

  14. "If it is to hot" then get out of the kitchen... :)

  15. White Friday for me, I am not going to spend money today... :) Ha

    1. 2T3:16


      agreed, no sale hunting today

    2. allen32


      going back hunting and read the bible matthew

    3. Galations 2:20

      Galations 2:20

      No sale hunting for me as well today.

  16. How to join online Baptist? We will need a letter from your last 5 pastors... :) or your wife permission. :)

  17. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day with the ones you love. TGL :)

  18. It's esay for me to spend your money... :)

  19. Just stop bye to say hello or hola ... :)

    1. PastorMatt
    2. woolysheep



      PS I have enjoyed your questions that get others to react with their thoughts.Keep them coming!

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