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  1. For Salvation, does your church practices this weekly. If not, why?
  2. I will go one day at a time. Remember that there are thousands of Christians sending their kids to a public school, and you are telling them the same thing.
  3. Thanks, I know this, and I know that you don't believe in luck. When you say good luck. For we as christian don't believe in good luck, but Gods will.
  4. If I prayed enough about it? Not enough, men have this prOBlem.
  5. I am not sure, what I am doing is 100 percent.right, but none of us are. Your kids can do very bad, where ever they go to school. Can your daughter get pregnant in a christian school or being home school? Yes
  6. This is a very good reply, and normal to my post. 1.My kids have been in Christians schools for almost 10 years 2.The cost are high for them to continue. 3. My wife have college and was a senior accountant, before, but now is disable. 4. She does not want to home school, while I work.. 5.i believe they are some what prepare to deal with the real World. 6.i don't like online christian schools, it not the same thing. 7.When they grow up and start to work, it will be much easier for them to deal with the real World, that we are living in.
  7. Reality my friend, are you going to show your teens that all dogs don't bite or that some do bite, beware.
  8. They already have and are receiving true doctoring at home and church.
  9. Support and some understanding, sounds good to me. I am surprise to some of the replys here. I am sending my kids to a evil place are not the right words or true. For not all of them are the same. They are not going to hang out with trouble makers or evil doers. For they are Saved and baptized.
  10. Which ways are Gods way, home school or Christian schools?
  11. Some members here act like if my teens will pay the price, you will remember my words? They said, and I believe they are a bit to extreme. The public schools do have prOBlems, but there are also benefits in my opinion.
  12. I am listening, but some do should a bit extreme. Like, you will be sorry or remember my words?
  13. You are adding to my post, hicks? Did you ever here of country folks and city folks. You added hicks not me.
  14. You keep going back to home schooling? Do all of you live in the country, In the city you run into all different kind of people. Some dress well, and some do not. Are you going to keep your kid's away from society for ever.
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