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  1. "Expert" critics abound.

  2. Expert critics abound.

  3. Sounds like a new topic. Recently a visiting missionary spoke about Jesus preaching on the shore and mused about how long his sermon was. After the service I told him it was probably about 20 minutes and he laughed.
  4. Cloud is against "Most Soulwinning Courses?" This is another instance of Cloud criticizing God’s servants. The young man that led me to Christ used a Roman’s Road tract. He never knew his 1,2,3 pray after me approach would bear "fruit that remains." My entire family owes a debt of gratitude to this obedient witness. A soulwinner has no idea how God has prepared the person they’re witnessing to. They are there to plant seed or water seed while God gives the increase. Cloud would have issue with this woman's witnessing method: “Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ?” John 4:29
  5. This is excellent. You’re definitely systematic in your approach. Your comment regarding context is good. In a similar thought, I’ve noticed it is easier to memorize 20+ verses about a topic such as “the blood of Christ” as opposed to memorizing a chapter. Another technique I've done which has led to those "epiphany" moments it this: I have a program that can play my Bible Mp3s at faster speeds 2x, 4x, 6x etc. When you read while playing at 4x or 6x, you cover a lot of ground quickly. You can read the entire book of Job in a sitting. Of course you're not going to absorb things the same way as you would reading carefully, but I've had those "epiphany" moments while doing this because you connect thoughts from other chapters that you may never have otherwise. Request reminder: Please make a video quoting Romans. This would be a motivator for me (and my son) and an encouragement to your online friends. I’ve heard that Jewish children memorize the Torah. However, in my many experiences with Jews in the business world, they know more about the Kabbalah than the Pentateuch. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this matter. I have more questions but I’ll forgo them for now…
  6. I have thick skin; I’m not mad. I was however annoyed by the fact that you stuck Cloud in my face with your very first post in this thread. And, your accusation that “I stand with the liberal crowd” was inflammatory and not true. Your deductive logic or lack thereof is truly unique since you’re the first person in my 40+ years to make that “observation.” Here are some observations that I’ve made since I started participating in this forum: When you receive negative feedback for an absurd comment, you claim you “said it wrong” You completely hijacked my thread with a link pointing to a critic with which I’ve personally had issue. Much of your comments equate to volume over substance You’re a mainstream news media parrot If someone video taped me exercising poor judgment, you’d post it for all to see. Many of your posts are flippant and nonsensical You’d fare much better at on the wheel-of-fortune than jeopardy.
  7. My desire to share thoughts and continue lively discussion on this forum is becoming more diminished.
  8. Please tell us that is not your tattoo of tattoo.
  9. I'd wear a wristband or cover it up another way before I'd get more ink.
  10. I wish it were possible to give my famous incredulous face expression over the internet.
  11. I'm going to finish watching that sermon. I'll chime in once I do. Like I've asked, what's your take?
  12. Bummer. My objective was to share what I considered a blessing and that purpose has been derailed. I honestly did not remember that Cloud was one of Riplinger's "Blind Guides" when I first posted. This thread is now about Cloud against my desires. It's an interesting aspect of human nature that we gravitate towards the writings of a critic and then associate a great work with the criticism. I’ll say it again because I’m annoyed: The criticisms leveled against Riplinger ARE WEAK and insignificant compared to the meat found in her books. Riplinger was the first to point out to me that the NIV replaced "Lucifer" with "Morning Star" which is bold-faced blasphemy. There are many similar nuggets of information in her writings.
  13. Tip: Inflammatory remarks are far more effective when there is an element of truth to them.
  14. I had a feeling you'd avoid the question. I'll try once more. Were the OT Jews redeemed by works of righteousness or by grace through faith alone?
  15. I've heard interviews and preaching by Brother Grady and I hold him in high esteem. I have his book "What God Hath Wroght" and he buys into some "history" that has proven to be nothing more than carefully crafted propaganda. He is an excellent researcher and I attribute his mistakes to not having access to information. I should dig up an interview I heard him do for his book "How Satan Turn God Against America." It was pure awesomeness. Bill Grady would make an excellent President of the USA.
  16. @ Calvary: When backed in a corner, many long-winded, intelligent, scripture-quoting folks I've met believe that OT Jews were redeemed by works of righteousness. For the record, what say ye? It is works or grace?
  17. She would not take the time to defend her hacked website as art. I wouldn't want anyone to see the image that offended me. I'd hope that you'd forgo your desire to prove or disprove my point. I'd feel partially responsible for you seeing indecency. "Reasonal expectation" sound like a lawyer phrase. Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned her doctrine since I cannot remember. She took a dogmatic stance on something that cannot be proven. It had something to do with the NT church in the book of Revelation. I got the impression that she's far from the mindset of an IFB. She probably knows far more about solving the world's problems than being meek helpmeet to her husband. I do appreciate the research she has done and my views are in alignment with hers in this regard.
  18. This is a great and challenging post. I'd encourage you to make the decision to privately fast and pray. Matthew 17:21 Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. The way I understand this verse: Jesus informs us that prayer and fasting is the antidote for unbelief to a faithless and perverse generation. I’ve heard this devil compared to a stronghold in this verse since it refused to obey the disciples. So Jesus gave them the solution. I’ve fasted many times. As mentioned, fasting becomes “easier” after the second day. As the needs of your flesh become more distant, I believe you’re more in tune with spiritual matters and closer to God. I’ve seen God answer prayer that I perceived as impossible because of fasting, clean living, obedience, and prayer. This is a great topic and reminded me that it’s been some time since I’ve fasted. This topic reminds me of this story (paraphrased): A Cherokee Indian teaching his grandson said, "A fight is going on inside me. It is a fight between two wolves. One is evil (list evil qualities) and one is good (list good qualities). The same fight is going on in you." The grandson then asked, "Which wolf will win?" He replied, "The one you feed the most." If you feed your flesh more than your spirit, the flesh will win. I wish knew Christians that fast and pray. I need this type of influence in my life. The truth is, I’m not sure if I know any.
  19. Cloud has aligned himself with a long list of Riplinger critics and anti-KJB commentators. We’ve already established that Cloud’s modus operandi is to publish fault with many of God’s servants (true and false). I’d prefer this thread not be about him. Riplinger’s books provide many charts which provide “at a glance” evidence exposing fake bibles for what they are. Here is an example of her work: LINK After 20 years I still recommend her book. I've also read other excellent books by Al Lacy, Bill Grady, Micky Carter, et. al. which have different approaches to the same topic.
  20. I really should get that book; I’ve read excerpts of it. I wasn't trying to open a can a worms. I mentioned a good book in another thread and thought I’d recommend this one as well. I’m aware of its criticisms but in my mind they’re insignificant compared to the evidence she presents. The ad hominem attacks on her and weak textual criticisms against her book are evidence that she hit a nerve and its interesting to watch the spirits squeal through her critics.
  21. I remember when Jack and Roxella started buttering up to the pope in the mid 90s. I wasn't aware that he's not KJV now. Very sad, I've met people saved under his ministry.
  22. I'm a "high tech" type of guy. However, I don't prefer the use of big screens, tablets, smartphones, etc. in church. I guess it just reminds me the "final days" too much. It's especially distracting (annoying) when a digital technology malfunctions during a service. When it comes to church services, I vote to keep them old-fashioned.
  23. In 1993 when Gail Riplinger’s book “New Age Versions” came out it caused considerable discussion at my church. At first, I neglected to acquire a copy of it. I already had at least four books on the topic and had spent much time in study and prayer on the matter to resolve this issue in my own mind. I also have to confess that when I found out that G. A. Riplinger was a woman, I was biased against reading the book. I considered the KJB issue as case closed since I had read books by excellent preachers (men). I thought since this is a spiritual matter, she was out of bounds. A friend of mine encouraged me to read the book and gave me his copy. Sorry to sound cliche, but I was blown away. The book immediately became the preeminent book on this topic and has been my first recommendation to folks with questions about fake bibles since. The evidence presented against modern versions is irrefutable and I appreciate her meticulous style of writing. I’ve also had the privilege of speaking with Gail on two occasions and can testify that she is a humble lady and I can see why has God used her and her book(s) greatly. I’ve also read some of what her critics have written and their claims have proven to be spurious. She also has other excellent books (The Language of the KJB is another great book). There are a few videos of her floating around on the net. If you've never heard of her, take some time and listen to what she has to say.
  24. Also, I never did put an emphasis on memorizing the verse reference. Although I remember many of them, most I do not. Please comment in this regard.
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