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  1.   Just want to say that I greatly appreciate those who have been taking the time to answer questions for me on various topics in a spirit of graciousness, love and wisdom as they have been on here on some fundamental issues for me. As I have mentioned, I am a first generation Christian, saved in an Independent Fundamental Baptist church, by doctrine a Baptist, but sometimes I look at the "culture," as some would call it. I grew up in public schools, etc. I wouldnt say it is the values that I hold, because I hold to Biblical values, when I was in public schools, a psychologist diagnosed me with Asperger's, which is a form of autism where they say one has a hard time reading people and different situations and responding correctly. I believe God can overcome all things, but on a practical level, what would be your counsel for a young man in such a situation, if he is having difficulty developing relationships in his church, feels he isn't wanted, not needed, etc.?  Don't mean to get too personal on here, but this is a site where there are good, godly Baptist men who may have worked with others in similar situations and could give good, Biblical counsel. God bless.

    1. John Young

      John Young

      If you are an Aspie then it is best for you and others if you are clear and direct with your intentions and also if you politely let those you interact with often to be clear and direct as well. If an expression or word implication is difficult for you, simply letting them know that you need a little extra help understanding what they mean is okay. Otherwise much productive time will be wasted in trying to "guess" when those around you will be perfectly happy to give you quick clear answers to your questions.


    2. JordanHaskins


      Do you think that Aspergers' would stop a young man from serving the Lord in full time ministry?

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