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  1.    I just have a brief question, just received my Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry from Maranatha Baptist University this May. What are some positions members here hold on the KJV and the issue of separation. I remember in my Greek classes, we used the Nestle-Aland version, and I have had some give me grief over having such a version of the Greek New Testament, yet, nobody from the Sword of the Lord influence has ever really sat with me and explained why the KJV is the only legitimate translation to use and we are to separate and have no fellowship with those who do not use it, almost like those who don't use it are heretics and aren't as good Baptists?

       Where does that come from? Can anyone recommend good literature on this issue? One of our last assignments was to watch the debate between Dr. Daniel Wallace of Dallas Theological Seminary and Dr. Bart Erhman of UNC-Chapel Hill (cannot believe I thought of getting my bachelor's in pre-law from this school. Lol.). Any  counsel, knowledge, wisdom given is greatly appreciated.

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    2. John Young

      John Young

      2 Corinthians 2:17 For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ.

    3. JordanHaskins


      Thank you for your answer John. Never really had someone take the time to explain it to me as you did, I was saved in a KJV church, but as a first generation Christian, it was just something I was supposed to believe, not question. I came out of a Catholic home where I didn't really know what I believed about anything, so now as a saved, young Christian, I'm wanting to make sure I have solid sure why i believe what it is I  believe.

    4. John Young

      John Young

      The best advice I can give to a new generation christian is to pray to God for guidance, read the King James Bible like crazy, put what you learn into practice in your own life and also help others to do the same at and with a local bible believing church. Seeking for a better bible then the KJV is a waste of time. It is already considered one of the best and accurate English bibles even by the modern bible crowd. It is much more profitable to the believer if they stick to the best and then learn it.

      Modern bibles seek a bible that conforms to the reader but the KJV seeks to conform the reader to God. So while many new bibles claim to be eraser and simpler to read then the ones which came before it, the KJV will challenge, expand and grown the reader, not only in bible knowledge but also in their reading, writing, comprehension and composition skills. It not only is the best Bible in English but it also is considered the best literature in English that any one can read.

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