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  1. What is the difference between the fundamentalists and the evangelicals of today. My understanding of evangelicals were those who compromised with the Catholic church and liberal christians, like Bill Graham and were not willing to separate over Gospel related issues? Could someone explain what evangelicalism of today stands for? What exactly is it that fundamentalists stand for today, as we mostly have our circles, they have theirs and really no interaction between the groups anymore?
  2. JordanHaskins

    How To Date While At Bible College?

    What I meant to ask here is things on etiqurette, scripturally based standards, as I said, I've come from extreme fundamentalist churches that were so strict that they kept guys and girls separate and tried to keep us on a leash when were around each other, so now with me going off to college, I'm very shy and nervous around people, especially having come from a non Christian background. Perhaps the question could be restated as , what does scripture say about shyness and how to defeat it?
  3. JordanHaskins

    How To Date While At Bible College?

    I agree Sylvan. I guess, what is it that ladies are looking for in a Christian man. I guess some of the things I would say about me are I'm intelligent, passionate about God and serving Him, I want to defend Christians' religious liberties (thinking about law school). Dating rules at the college aren't really that complicated.
  4. Hello brothers and sisters in Christ. I am attending my first on campus semester at Maranatha Baptist University in Watertown, WI this Spring. I was saved at 16, I'm 24, I have 3 years of schooling left. I came from a non-Christian, inner city home, was raised as a Catholic, without a father in the home. I wasn't a social bird when I was growing up. What advice would you have for a young man when it comes to interacting with ladies while at college. Is it ok for guys and girls to be friends with each other (I've been in churches where they kept the guys and girls separate). How does dating/ courtship work in our circles? How does one get to the process of getting ready to be married? If you could, please provide Scripture with your answers so I can study these things out. Thank you for your help. Sorry to be to asking a sensitive question, but this is an area I have struggled with as I can be shy sometimes.
  5. JordanHaskins

    Hello I'm Jordan

    Hello brothers and sisters in Christ. My name is Jordan Haskins, I am 24 from Saginaw, MI. I am a member of Community Baptist Church under pastor Dough Jackson. I am a Pastoral a Studies student at Maranatha Baptist University in a Watertown, WI and cannot wait to arrive on Camus for my first semester this Spring. God has done a lot for me in my life and I thank Hom for His grace, Ephesians 2:8-10. I'm joining this forum because I want to get to know other Independent Baptists from areounf the country and to grow in knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for allowing me to join, God bless you all!