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  1. I Timothy 3 states that one of the qualifications of a, "bishop," is to be," the husband of one wife." In 2016, does that relate sole to the pastor of a local church or does that apply to those on the pastoral staff such as, "youth pastors/ directors?"

    Second question I would have, as Baptists , what does the Bible have to say on the process of finding a wife. What would you say to a marriage minded young man who believes he's called to ministry on this topic of finding a wife. I also would ask because, as someone who is a first generation Christian, this is not something I have really been able to gain solid Biblical counsel on, so few are willing to touch it as its controversial, dating/ courtship, etc.If you were a youth pastor, college/ singles ministry director working with someone who didn't exactly come up in the Christian school/ Bible college/ Baptist church to pursue what I have heard preached many times as, "the second greatest blessing after salvation?"

    I ask this because, in the evangelical world, such as boundless.org (Focus on the Family) and other sites, men are being shamed for not dating, etc extended adulthood, I believe Cary Schmidt wrote a book on this topic of extended adolescence. And with the trends of co-habitating, homosexual "marriage," fornication, divorce, single parenthood on the rise, etc. Census showed a while back that singles are now a majority of this country, how can we as the church, not only defend the institution of marriage, the family, and the home for those who already have it, but help young people who desire those things to get ready for those thing and provide them opportunities to meet, mingle, and serve and serve others with one another?


    Not trying to cause controversy, but these are things that, as a young man having a burden to work with young people, how could I be a help to them in this area, and also some practical principles in godly communication, etc. that would benefit my own life as well. I appreciate all the wisdom I've found on this site, that's why I've been asking these complex questions like I have. Thank you brothers and sisters.

    1. Salyan


      Personally, I believe the 'husband of one wife' thing is a directive, not a prerequisite. As in, the pastor must not be a polygamist or remarried while a first wife still lives.  

      I know some that believe it is a prerequisite - that a pastor must be married to be eligible to pastor. However, I don't see them applying that consistently. They don't require a pastor to stop pastoring when his wife dies. They don't require a pastor to have more than one child ("having children[plural] in submission"), or to even have children at all. 

      I do agree that it is a very good idea for a pastor to be married, for multiple reasons. It would probably be a great help for a youth pastor to be too (and, really, a 'youth pastor' is a pastor, period. There really are not a lot of extra offices given between 'bishop' and 'deacon'). But I don't believe it to be a requirement - and I don't think those who say they do really believe it either - or they would be more consistent. :twocents: 

  2.   Just want to say that I greatly appreciate those who have been taking the time to answer questions for me on various topics in a spirit of graciousness, love and wisdom as they have been on here on some fundamental issues for me. As I have mentioned, I am a first generation Christian, saved in an Independent Fundamental Baptist church, by doctrine a Baptist, but sometimes I look at the "culture," as some would call it. I grew up in public schools, etc. I wouldnt say it is the values that I hold, because I hold to Biblical values, when I was in public schools, a psychologist diagnosed me with Asperger's, which is a form of autism where they say one has a hard time reading people and different situations and responding correctly. I believe God can overcome all things, but on a practical level, what would be your counsel for a young man in such a situation, if he is having difficulty developing relationships in his church, feels he isn't wanted, not needed, etc.?  Don't mean to get too personal on here, but this is a site where there are good, godly Baptist men who may have worked with others in similar situations and could give good, Biblical counsel. God bless.

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    2. John Young

      John Young

      Not at all. You may have your own hurdles to overcome but Asperger's does not have to be a handicap. In fact it is mostly a unique way of thinking. The key is to see that it is a gift that can be developed. If God gave you a desire to be in the ministry then He will also show you how to use all your gifts for His work. 

    3. JordanHaskins


      Thank you John. I've just graduated from Maranatha Baptist University with an Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry, and I have a pastor friend of mine in Tallahassee, FL inviting me to work with him in the ministry this Summer, go to Summer camp, etc. and this is really the first time I'm going to be involved at this level in the ministry of a church and it's got me nervous...though I believe God will get the glory from it. Amen.

      I'll say this, a lot of people at my church were shocked when they found out I'm earning this degree, they didn't think I could do it.

    4. WellWithMySoul


      Hi, Jordan!  Already I've been blessed by your posts!  My 14 year old grandson has Asperger's.  Our son and family live two states away from us, so we don't get to see our grandchildren that often.  We did get to see them last month however, and I had a wonderful one-on-one conversation with this grandson.  As active as he is...I found that as soon as I started talking to him about the Lord, he became very still and calm.  I asked him if he'd asked Jesus to be his Saviour...and he very seriously responded that he had.  What a thrill it was for me to hear that!  The Lord loves to work in and through the "unexpected" to accomplish the "unexpected".  As long as you are loving our blessed Lord Jesus Christ with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength...and loving others as the Word commands...and being available as a willing vessel to be used for His glory - then there is no end to the glory you can bring to Him through your...service and ministry to Him!  I pray that you will know His leading each step of the way.  Many blessings to you, Jordan!

  3.    I just have a brief question, just received my Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry from Maranatha Baptist University this May. What are some positions members here hold on the KJV and the issue of separation. I remember in my Greek classes, we used the Nestle-Aland version, and I have had some give me grief over having such a version of the Greek New Testament, yet, nobody from the Sword of the Lord influence has ever really sat with me and explained why the KJV is the only legitimate translation to use and we are to separate and have no fellowship with those who do not use it, almost like those who don't use it are heretics and aren't as good Baptists?

       Where does that come from? Can anyone recommend good literature on this issue? One of our last assignments was to watch the debate between Dr. Daniel Wallace of Dallas Theological Seminary and Dr. Bart Erhman of UNC-Chapel Hill (cannot believe I thought of getting my bachelor's in pre-law from this school. Lol.). Any  counsel, knowledge, wisdom given is greatly appreciated.

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    2. John Young

      John Young

      2 Corinthians 2:17 For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ.

    3. JordanHaskins


      Thank you for your answer John. Never really had someone take the time to explain it to me as you did, I was saved in a KJV church, but as a first generation Christian, it was just something I was supposed to believe, not question. I came out of a Catholic home where I didn't really know what I believed about anything, so now as a saved, young Christian, I'm wanting to make sure I have solid sure why i believe what it is I  believe.

    4. John Young

      John Young

      The best advice I can give to a new generation christian is to pray to God for guidance, read the King James Bible like crazy, put what you learn into practice in your own life and also help others to do the same at and with a local bible believing church. Seeking for a better bible then the KJV is a waste of time. It is already considered one of the best and accurate English bibles even by the modern bible crowd. It is much more profitable to the believer if they stick to the best and then learn it.

      Modern bibles seek a bible that conforms to the reader but the KJV seeks to conform the reader to God. So while many new bibles claim to be eraser and simpler to read then the ones which came before it, the KJV will challenge, expand and grown the reader, not only in bible knowledge but also in their reading, writing, comprehension and composition skills. It not only is the best Bible in English but it also is considered the best literature in English that any one can read.

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