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  1. Once again, this simply is not his or my position. You have yet to substantiate these claims but keep repeating them over and over. Yes I do identify as a Ruckmanite in order to remove it as a pejoritive insult from people who oppose the absolute perfection of the AV. Let me make my position on the Bible very clear: I believe the Authorized King James Bible is the perfect, preserved word of God. It is superior to all other texts and is therefore able to correct them all. I do not believe that the Bible was somehow "lost" and was therefore re-inspired by the AV translators. I don't know of anybody who does believe that. Where did God promise to preserve his word in the original languages only? By God's seal of approval I mean his clear and unmistakable usage of the AV above all other competing texts. It is also evident that since the advent of the modern-version movement there has been a near universal apostasy in the English speaking world. One needs look only at the sorry state of "Christianity" in America today to see the fruit of rejecting the God-honored text that came out of the protestant reformation. Look, if you don't like Dr. Ruckman that's fine. We all have preachers we favor or don't enjoy much. That being said, it is wrong of you to mischaracterize his position and label it as "heresy". If believing the Bible that God has provided me as the perfect word of God is heresy, you can count me as a heretic.
  2. Could you provide them? Your claim that he believes the Bible lost inspiration still remains unsubstantiated. Nobody does have the originals today. We can either attempt to hazard a guess at what the originals said by examining the extant manuscripts or we can trust the text God has placed his providential seal of approval on, the English text of 1611. I agree with both statements. Neither state that the Bible ever lost inspiration.
  3. The AV text is scripture and is therefore given by inspiration. ALL SCRIPTURE is given by inspiration. The verse is certainly not referring to original manuscripts only. It does not follow that Ruckman believes the Bible lost inspiration at any point.
  4. I have read the majority of Ruckman's (quite voluminous) writings and never once have I seen him say that the Bible lost inspiration. I have a pretty good grasp on Dr. Ruckman's teachings and beliefs. Do you have any quote or reference proving the accusation that he teaches the Bible lost its inspiration?
  5. Could you please provide documented evidence showing that Dr. Ruckman teaches that the Bible lost inspiration and was therefore reinspired in 1611?
  6. In regards to "Ruckmanism", I have never met anybody or read anybody who states the AV was "re-inspired". Ruckman himself does not teach that the Bible somehow lost inspiration and then was reinspired by the King James translators. This is a common thing I hear and read from people who allegedly believe the King James Bible. They want to distance themselves from the "Ruckmanites" by stating that they don't believe in "re-inspiration". Well who does believe such a thing? I have self identified as a "Ruckmanite" in the past in order to remove the phrase from the arsenal of somebody looking to discredit me. My position on the King James Bible is that it is the perfect word of God. It is what I refer to when I say "The Scriptures". I do not correct it with any text from any language. I do not remove any words I don't like or add any if I think something is missing. It is the text, for these last days, that God has placed his providential stamp of approval on via his usage of it in history. Therefore I hold it to be absolutely authoritative and able to correct anything that disagrees with it.
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