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  1. Why don't you just stop with the lies *********!
  2. Don't be so moody. You'll get over it before long. just put me on ignore if you can't handle it. that's what I usually do. As far as having the knowledge of the truth... good luck. People who are indoctrinated, and believe they already have all the truth, and are unwilling to change their minds....are usually the ones who never find it!
  3. Hey you're so nice maybe I'll invite you over for dinner. My dog could really use a warm meal!
  4. The biggest mistake one can do is simply look at God's Word in the English. It's one reason why many of you are misled! The word inspired means God breathed or God spoke and when He spoke to his Apostles and Prophets He spoke to them in the language they also spoke, read, wrote, and understood. I'm in good company!
  5. Maybe before you call people nuts you should take the foot out of your mouth first. You guy's have no clue how to research or discern. All you know how to do is slander! Read a little...learn a lot! http://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=H5799&t=KJV
  6. Truth to what? That you think there are no mistakes in the KJV? That's no different than a Catholic telling me that the Pope is infallible!
  7. Why do you keep going to the RCC? I don't like hills because the word is oros and is translated mountain. If John wanted to imply hills he would have used one of the following words... 1015. bounos boo-nos' probably of foreign origin; a hillock:--hill. 2874. kopria kop-ree'-ah from kopros (ordure; perhaps akin to 2875); manure:--dung(-hill). 3714. oreinos or-i-nos from 3735; mountainous, i.e. (feminine by implication, of 5561) the Highlands (of Judaea):--hill country. If you have any questions just go to the home page and email Juan. He's prompt on his replies.
  8. I've had that list for a long time and I know there are proven errors in the KJV. You find one thing and say it's a man who doesn't know what He's talking about even without going into the original text. You're not so bright yourself!
  9. You did nothing to explain the context for which the verse was written. This passage has nothing to do with damnable heresies. The person this was directed to was smooth talker. One who made everything plausible. (probably Hermes) People quote that verse and pay no attention to the context or to whom it was said. The person in Romans 16 wasn't excommunicated from the church. The Church was told to mark or 'observe' them and to avoid them. This has nothing to do with damnable heresies. Paul encourages people to avoid divisions. Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and [that] there be no divisions among you; but [that] ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.
  10. I can give you two links that would show them all. (over 100) But I'll show you a few that I've found in prophecy. The word wilderness is actually 'desert' Rev 17 The word hills is actually 'mountain.' Rev. 17 The word impossible is 'without strength.' The word inferior is 'land.' Dan. 2. Our interpretation of Daniel 7 is a complete failure making Daniel a false prophet. http://www.geocities.com/athens/olympus/5257/KJVerror.htm And just so you know. I use the KJV in all of my studies.
  11. Like it or not there are a host of mistakes in the English translation of the KJV. Some of them have been found by several atheist and have used them to call Daniel a false prophet and to debunk the bible.
  12. I don't read too much copy and paste stuff. I can look it up myself!
  13. Well then if you say that everything I said was wrong...prove it! Antichrist is one who denies that Jesus came in the flesh or had not risen. Deity damnation is not found in God's Word. Show me if you can, from God's Word, how one is damned for not being a Trinitarian of believe in the deity of Christ. The only thing I'm in disagreement with is that you say they are damned! You're right that I'm not a Baptist. But I attend one occasionally. You method of teaching people isn't what it should be. Another thing. If you dump on me, I'll dump on you! You post very little scripture and really have nothing to back up what you believe other than your opinion. I really doubt you would teach me anything anyway! I've showed you why I believe what I believe. Philippians 1, 1 John, and 2 Peter explain it all. But that doesn't matter to you or anyone else since you all think you have it all right anyway!
  14. The church would like you to believe that apostasy is a defection from truth but it's absolutely not the case. Christianity is the only religion that has a different definition of apostasy. The reason for the incorrect definition goes way back to the Reformers who were convinced that Catholicism was apostate. The word apostasy comes from the word 'divorce.' An apostate is one who completely abandons "his or her former religion" and accepts another religion or no religion at all. It's a revolt and a rebellion and not only used in religion but also in politics etc. An apostate is one who 'forsakes' his former religion and moves on to another. If you can, show me how, why, where the church is implied in 2Thess. 2.
  15. Maybe you should do a little of your own homework instead of letting others do it for you. Catholic's do not believe that baptism saves you. SDA's are not a cult. And denying the deity of Christ isn't a damnable heresy!

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