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  1. I totally agree. You should never bow to a statue of a pagan god or goddess. Those darn Israelites wouldn't learn. They kept going back to worshiping Egyptian gods and goddesses.
  2. I suppose a common definition would help lol. What is your definition of a "Christian?" Would protestants and evangelical churches qualify?
  3. Yes they are off shoots. How many Christian churches did you think there were (including non-denominational)?
  4. Why don't you hate the Eastern Catholics or the Eastern Orthodox, calling them Satan's greatest masterpiece?
  5. At least your honest. There are over 30,000 different denominations and everyone says they have the Biblical truth and their interpretation is correct. It's pretty mind blowing. If it makes you feel any better I'm not picking on any of you. I chat with other denominations too. I'm very passionate about my Church. If people around here didn't talk so bad about Catholicism I wouldn't be here.
  6. It's an open forum. When someone attacks the Church I'm obliged to state the our truth even if it's brought on by more hatred.
  7. Let me add one quick thing. Maybe this will help understand our view on the prodigal son analogy. If you committed a very serious sin and you said "i no longer want Jesus to be my personal Lord and Savior." That would be sort of like what we believe in if you commit a mortal sin and lose your place in heaven by separating from God. You could always re-accept Him, so to speak.
  8. Of course I'm more than happy to answer. We may disagree but the dialogue is great! First we believe that in order to be saved you have to believe that Jesus died for your sins and there's nothing you did to earn or deserve salvation, next there's baptism. We use the term sacrament. That means it is an outward sign of an inward reality. That when you are baptized Jesus in a realistic way enters your soul and there is a mark on your soul Jesus puts there and there was nothing I did to deserve that sanctifying grace. ALL of my past sins are forgiven not because of me but because of Jesus. So in
  9. My apologies I didn't see the question. If you are baptized Catholic and leave the Church to go somewhere else, technically you're still considered a Catholic by the Church. As far as are you still saved, the Church strongly forbids judging whether someone is saved or not. If someone leaves out of lack of knowledge then I would say they probably are still saved if they live a Christian life, but if someone blastphemes against the Holy Spirit and says to heck with you Catholic Church I'm going to do things my way, that might cause a problem. That's a great question.
  10. If you have family members that are devout Catholics then you should know what we really believe in, compared to what you may have heard from an anti-Catholic source.
  11. Scott Hahn, although not IFB, used to be STRONG anti-Catholic, but converted in 1985. He would be another good non-bias source.
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