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  1. You're right I am mistaken Lewis was an Anglican. His writings (Great Divorce and Screwtape Letters) had Catholic influences.
  2. You're referring to the Reformation. Yes, I agree it was a bad time for all Christians. The word persecute is a bit harsh. We never persecuted anyone like the Romans persecuted us in the early centuries, if we did I'd be abliged to tell you. If you read it from our view, you'll see it was an all our war. Non-Catholic Christians were burning Rome and killing Catholics. I would say both are at fault during the Reformation.
  3. Oh you don't have to worry about Catholics persecuting anyone. We were too busy getting killed by the Romans and Muslims.
  4. Gotta love that amazing Catholic grace. How sweet the sound. We don't like Presbyterians either. Women pastors? What will they think of next.
  5. C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien are my kind of Catholics. Those Englishmen knew how to party.
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