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  1. I am new to this forum but have been in Christ for over three decades. I have been given unction from the Holy One.. There have been some statements in this post that are close to heresy if not outright blasphemy. There have been enough admonitions unto the truth, to reject those that oppose themselves, Biblical doctrines as now recorded in the A.V. have been around since the serpent in the garden of Eden said 'Yea hath God said' and the result of those deceptive words resulted in the need of bloodshed. And since that first sacrifice and covering God's truths have been BAPTIST in nature a
  2. Praise the Lord for 34-5 years of salvation and haven't lost it once !!
  3. Welcome, hope you find what you are in need of here. I'm also new here and all seems well so far, post away!!
  4. Thanks to those who have greeted me here. I have been reading through some posts, and look forward to what time i'll be allowed to spend posting.
  5. I am a slinger, was taught some thirty years ago the art. I haven't slung in several years now but it is fun. Recently my wife and I discussed this in our morning time together in the word. David told the King of his slaying of the bear and the lion with his hand and that he would do the same to the uncircumcised. As David, a ruddy youth, entered the battlefield in front of king and country, he stopped to get the stones, I dont think he was relying on the stones, the number or shape of them with a conscious thought, It was the manner of a good shephard to act upon instinct and experience.
  6. He is the savior of all men specially them that believe. I have watched read and listened around J. Mac. for many years and have found more chaff than wheat when held in light of sound doctrine.
  7. Yes, Truly, A wonderful day that will be when my Jesus I will see!! I often day-dream of that last individual who receives the graceful salvation, we so often take in stride. Yet think of the next person who could have if we would be a little more redemptive of our time. Our Moderation,, !!!''' THE LORD IS AT HAND '''!!!
  8. As every new beginning is fresh and exciting, I have found that morning, in the dawn of a new day, God's Word is always exhilarating to heart and mind. And as many have already stated the blindness and ignorance of the bible correctors, I'll not do so. But as the fruit of the tree exemplifies the tree, look at the track record of the text and truths kept to us in the A.V. Every word of God is Pure; How can the highly educated blasphemers against the revelation of God to man do so? The blindness of their heart and mind the deafness of their ear and the choice of their will to not love the t
  9. Know that God is able to do abundantly above all that we ask or think! Congratulations !!!!!
  10. May the God of all grace meet your every need. In prayer believing.
  11. Greetings to the saints, and those here in search of the Truth, My name is Greg Blood, I am a Bible believer, I was redeemed by the grace and mercy of Almighty God through Jesus Christ in 1978. I found this site while searching Independent Baptists online; I hope to be a blessing, and looking for like-minded saints to join in their pressing toward the mark for the prize.
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