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  1. As a former RU leader, RU does NOT teach that a person can live in sin after being saved. RU is a great discipling course but it still depends on who is leading it. Does the person in charge of the program preach Biblical salvation, instead of the 1-2-3? Does the leader stand for God's Word instead of trying not to hurt a person's feelings? We never told a person that he/she is saved even when they came from "Christian" family. As a leader, my job was to keep the ladies accountable in their Bible study and always bring it back to God's Word during discussion time- it is the Holy Spirit's job to convict. As Salyan said, God will sear a person's mind when they knowingly sin and continue not to heed the Holy Spirit. Then He will reprove, rebuke, then maybe take that person home. edited because I referenced the wrong person
  2. rstrats, Are you a Saturday/Sabbath keeper? Sundown Friday to sundown Saturday (one day)?
  3. John81 said: "The sad thing is that many Baptist churches and Christians today do much the same thing. They go out soul winning, all too many do this in an unbiblical manner, and once they get someone to say a "salvation prayer" with them, they put a mark in their notebook and move on. The potential newborn believer in Christ is left undiscipled." So true.
  4. Korma Chicken, sticky rice, green peas, yellow cake with choco frosting for dessert.
  5. As a parent, we understand the implications of a certain haircut and as stated a 5 year old doesn't. That is why we are the parents and have the final say so- whether our young child understands the reasoning or not. I kind of compare it to how God gives us "rules" that we sometimes don't understand as babes in Christ but we follow them anyway because He does know best- and as we mature in His Word, His "rules" make sense. Our culture has expectations as to what a "real Christian" should look like. I am not saying that is right or wrong, just fact. If two people were walking down the street- one punked out, and the other clean cut- and I said that one was a Christian, most people (saved and unsaved) would choose the clean cut one because of his look. However, in reality the punked out one could be a newly saved Christian who is still being convicted on wordliness and the clean cut one could be a lost prep. It is all appearence. But it still shows that most people have an idea as to what a Christian looks like. ( I actually took a poll from the ladies in jail- unanimously the clean-cut won). Our witness (look, attitude, daily walk) should reflect our God and our Saviour and if my son having a mohawk will hurt my testimony (right or wrong), then he will not have a mohawk. As a parent, I have the final say-so. Not my young child. KatnHat
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