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  1. I suppose if a church is 501©3 registered, the state/federal legislature can regulate church actions. When churches are registered for non-profit status they relinquish many rights to the state, and are then granted some of the privileges back by the state. This would provide the ability for the state to regulate church activities. The silly thing is that churches are already non-profit without registering for 501©3 status.
  2. Thank you very much for your suggestion. I will certainly send him a PM for some possible information. We are in AZ, so it makes it a little difficult to travel around with her to search!
  3. Hello all! My husband's mother lives in Bluegrass, Iowa and is looking for an IFB church to attend nearby, possibly in Davenport, Iowa. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Haven't found a whole lot online yet. Thank you in advance!
  4. They are sneaky! It's a hassle to get it off, also!
  5. Don't forget lovely RFID chips in product packaging! Also, the SmartMeters on homes can wirelessly transmit information - companies say it is for easier and more efficient meter reading... I beg to differ. I attend a large state university, and newly admitted students are provided a forum to meet new people, etc.: students provide their entire list of classes, times, locations, etc. openly for people to read. Between Facebook and foolishness, citizens relinquish enough information on their own - the government hardly needs to use the camera or microphone on a cell phone to gather intel!
  6. Well, he was beaten by border patrol for refusing to exit his vehicle for a search at an Arizona check point, so he has a bit of a rebellious following here! The videos are on YouTube if you haven't already viewed them. There are also videos from the court trial following the events: many very entertaining moments are included - thanks to the border patrol agents who were involved!
  7. I am very familiar with Pastor Anderson, actually! I haven't been able to make it to his assembly either. I think it is wonderful that there is a Baptist private school available for families.
  8. I agree: 58 is frigid! Though, I have a feeling the other states would laugh at our "wimpiness!" It's very small, and easy to miss when driving by! I am glad to hear there are places in the East valley, though. I would kindly accept any church names provided to share with others, or stop by for a visit myself!
  9. Thank you for such warm welcomes, everyone - how very kind! I am in the Tempe area, but attend church in Phoenix: 35th Avenue Baptist Church with Pastor Tim Coleman. Perhaps you know of this church? A wonderful group of people, indeed! Actually, I believe we are the Grand Canyon State or the Copper State (not sure if one is official) - I think Florida is the Sunshine State?
  10. Hello all! My name is Cat and I am new to the forums. I was recently saved in October of last year, and am studying and learning daily. I attend an independent fundamental Baptist church, and hope to meet other like-minded Baptists here. Ultimately, I am here to learn and grow closer to the Lord. I hope you all have a blessed day!
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