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  1. Welcome , you will only find helpful people on this site.
  2. Been talking to a person, who was taken me step by step, looking at verses from the Torah. What I have learned is that you need a blood covering "atonement" to get your sins forgiven. Doing good deeds, ect is not the way. Looked at many verses ( Leviticus, the story of Abraham & Isacc, Passover) in which the talks about that you need the Blood. Also looked at verses which talk about Prophacies of the Messiah. and that you need Faith to be counted for Righteousness. Looked at verses in Hebrews which ( was amazing) as it talked about all the people from the Old Testament which had "Fait
  3. Thank you all for your information. Been looking and talking to people, all very helpful and interesting.
  4. Thank you! I will start looking up those references, ect. I never realized that there are so may references of Jesus in my own Bible. Are there may Jewish people who believe in Jesus?
  5. Hi Swatdiver, I rememebr looking at Proverbs 30-4 which is saying that G-D has a son. Are there any other verses in the Old Testament ( Torah) which refers to G-d's son? They also should me and had me read Isaiah 53 which was very intgeresting. Any other suggestins would be helpful or any suggestions on who I can talk to.
  6. The Version I have is a Kings James. I was given that by the people who were talking to me. Wish I got their phone # to call.
  7. Been brought up Jewish, but met some people on the street who were showing me some verses from my Bible from Isaiah and asked me to think about them. NOt sure where the people were from, but found this site on line, and would like to know what else I can look at. Thanks for your help.
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