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  1. 1% according to http://www.gcatholic.com/dioceses/country/CN.htm
  2. According to CIA Fact World Book, 3 to 4% out of 1,343,239,923 are Christians.
  3. Humble Catholic, research the topic of Protestant reformation and you will find the reason behind our arguments. Also, the Catholic Church was forced to change because of the reformation. Please read the Word of God and learn the truth.
  4. Dave, you are exactly right. Same era, same language, but different argument. That's what irritates me. Like Jerry said, the attack is against God's Word not the language, even thought they use the language as a reason to reject the KJV or any other bible before that.
  5. Shakespeare but not the KJV bible. I was meditating about the word of God this weekend and suddenly an idea just crossed my mind, “Research the work of Shakespeare and the language used”. With all the debates surrounding the KJV bible and the modern versions mostly about archaic words, hidden meaning, etc., I was surprise not to find any issues concerning the language used on the work of Shakespeare. People have problems with the KJV (and earlier Bible versions) but not with Shakespeare's sonnets, first published in 1609. Why? Here are some links with interesting information on Shakespea
  6. I'm a MAC user since 2003 and not going back to PC any time soon.
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