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  1. From what manuscripts exist -- it is cut and paste -- but it is not "pick and choose". The only part of the prayer one can really dispute -- is the name Mary being in the prayer. That was NOT the original prayer, and is a later addition. Mary's name in the annunciation is -- she who has been perfectly endowed with grace. That is -- the part of the prayer "Hail, Full of Grace" is a title the angel attributes to Mary. Non-Catholic translators are the ones who "change scripture" by adding the word "Daughter" as in "Highly favored daughter" -- that word is nowhere in the passage in the original Greek and is an interpolation that ignores what was actually said. But, more importantly, is the credentials of those who spoke the words and the context of both parts of the prayer that really matter. The first part of the prayer was spoken by the power of God through the mouth of his angel to Mary concerning the word becoming her child. The second passage is the recognition by Elizabeth; but not her human recognition -- rather, scripture says that the Holy Spirit inspired (breathed) through her. Check the text... And again, Elizabeth, is speaking of the motherhood of the child -- Just as the angel spoke of Mary at the annunciation. In these two passages we are certain of the nature of the words spoken -- that is that they spoken by God -- as Mary's en-titlement. Scripture records the words of liars, Just/Honest men, agnostics; One must look carefully at what is drawn out of Scripture -- and regarding the Hail Full of Grace -- the author of the prayer knew what they were doing.
  2. There is certainly much more to this story than we know. Discussing it without the facts is pointless
  3. Thanks, I'll be listening to God. Your so called religion didn't even come about until the past 100 years, so of course I will not be listening to your version. I'll stick with the original, thanks
  4. The Church has NOT modified it's views on birth control. There is MUCH more to this storyl
  5. Ehp. is IN our bible. Along with other books of the bible that protest(ants) rejected. We as Catholics have the WHOLE bible. The RCC was here on this earth 1500 years prior to your protest(ant) churches. You broke away from the RCC because you didn't agree with much of the doctrines. Then you spit up again and again. You can't even agree amongst yourselves. Does it not even shame you that there are so many denominations of protest(ants)? There is only one true apostolic Church.
  6. Being Catholic, I'll likely be banned, but that's ok. We welcome ALL to our forums, because we believe in Love your neighbor. Anyway, I am originally from a Catholic area, and moved to the southern states a few years ago where everyone is Baptist. Everyone and their brother are "preachers". Most are arrogant, shove it in your face and certainly don't preach love by any means. Why is this? The Catholic Church was the first church, then the protest (ant) people protested and didn't like many things, so they broke off. They they protest (ed) more and broke away more. This continued to this day and age and so now we have many denominations of protest (ants). Doesn't this bother you? The Catholic Church remains the one, true Church that Jesus established in the beginning. The CC doesn't bend to the willi wants of society. They stick to the rules. We go to Mass, are taught according to scripture and every CC in the world gets the same message. Thankfully we don't have to sit and listen to a "preacher" preaching whatever hate is on his mind for the week. Our Mass is very holy, not a CARNIVAL atmosphere. Our priests have more education than Doctors, unlike the preacher whom went to school for a couple of weeks. We do not worship idols, Mary or any other object as you seem to suggest. Yes, we have statues, but we don't worship them as you are taught. Do you all have a picture of family in your wallet to remind you of what is important to you? Do you worship that picture in your wallet. Not too likely. Same thing as a picture of Mary in mine. Just to remind me, I do not worship it. How do I know this? I used to be a Baptist, until I came to the truth. I feel sorry for your misguided ways. The CC is a world wide church with, yes, a series of heads in Rome. God is above all, of course. Where is the head of your Church? Down the block? We don't just stand up and say SAVE ME. We must live the life of Christ, aways.
  7. what???? Catholics ARE Christian!! I feel sorry for your lack of education on a topic you are NOT obviously able to talk about!

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